On Donald Sterling and Victim Mentality

I was watching the NBA press conference last night when a thought occurred to me. We all know Donald Sterling is a bitter asshole and said really stupid things. However, the conversations were between two private parties and his “girlfriend” was secretly recording his racist comments. What does this tell us?

One thing it tells me is that the girlfriend obviously had an ulterior motive. Nobody performs secret recordings of someone else and retains them unless they plan on using them against that person in the future. Should he have said what he did? Maybe he should have been smart enough to keep his damn mouth shut instead; nobody is telling him to change the way he feels but he really shouldn’t have vocalized it. What strikes me the most is that it seems way too convenient for it to have been a conversation that just happened where she is the innocent victim and he is the evil bigot.

During the conference a comment from a black NBA player was released. He said something along the lines of (obviously paraphrased): “His comments really cut me deep”. I called bullshit on that immediately for the following reasons:

  1. Sterling’s comments were not directed at him nor were they directed at anyone else on the team in particular. If his comment was more like “I hate [insert player name here] because he’s black” that would be an entirely different story and I would feel slightly more sympathy.
  2. NBA players have multi-million dollar contracts. Brush off the comment that had nothing to do with you and go back to your life of luxury. Nobody cares how you feel; all they care about is whether you can run back and forth for a few hours on a wood floor.

I swear if I had a multi-million dollar contract for anything you could call me whatever horrible thing you wanted directly to my face all day every day. Why, you ask? Well, the key is knowing you only have to deal with it for a fixed amount of time each day and the words don’t diminish your accomplishments or path in the life; at the end of the day you get to leave and relax.

How big is your victim complex when someone who has a considerable number of advantages and makes an obscene amount of money decides to internalize something that had NOTHING to do with him at all? If you have to go to those lengths to feel sorry for yourself and even worse to try and get OTHER people to feel sorry for you then you have bigger problems than a stupid comment. I don’t believe for a second he honestly cared about it with the kind of luxury and financial security he has. Nobody owes you anything especially an apology. Quit being a whiny little bitch and go relax.


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