This keeps happening.

Let’s go ahead and clear up the misconception that “curvy” (at least on a woman) is anything other than the hourglass figure. It absolutely does not apply to fat women.

I went out with a self-professed “curvy” girl who told me she had size 32 H breasts and was proud of her “big boobs”. Lady, the only reason you have “big boobs” is because of your “big fat ass”. In my opinion anything bigger than a D or DD (dependent on slender or truly curvy body type of course) just looks strange since you ruin the proportion of the body.

To illustrate what I’m getting at, the following qualifies as curvy:

Nice hourglass figure

This does not:

Big fat ass and you look like a pear

Being shaped like a green fruit I can find in any produce section isn’t curvy; you’re just fat.


EXACTLY. Stop calling it anything other than what it is. For that matter let’s also stop with this “body positivity” bullshit. You have the “healthy at any weight” and “big and beautiful” crap coming out of the feminist echo chamber; all that really serves to do is let a bunch of fat chicks pat each other on the back for their unhealthy choices and their frankly gross figures. You won’t find any self-improvement there; all you’ll get is another entitlement mentality that wants everything (men, Starbucks, or ice cream, usually) without deserving it.

You can’t rewire male nature and instinct to see your lard ass as attractive. Go ahead and run any campaign you want and try to bend society every which way; hell, you may even fool a couple of those “metrosexual” (you can call “gay” whatever you want these days) males or white knights into siding with you. Nature will eventually fight back and the natural order of things will resume. Your attempts at change will not last.

To quote Jeff Goldblum’s character from Jurassic Park: “Nature… nature finds a way”


3 thoughts on “Curvy

  1. I think it’s interesting that your entire understanding of the whole body positivity movement, from what I’ve garnered at least, is that it is all some farce to attract men. That the whole notion of body positivity is to make women seem…what, more desirable? That’s both funny and disappointing. Have you ever looked around outside your own heterosexual male-centric perspective to realize girls don’t exist to acquire male partners? Women have goals in life beyond relationships, it’s 2014. Movements like body positivity are created to instill self confidence and, well, POSITIVITY. Being overweight (as in, not medically obese) does not inherently mean you are unhealthy, the same as being average or underweight does not mean you are healthy (I’m 93 pounds, 5’4, and I have very high cholesterol, for example). I understand your irritation at the use of the word “curvy” to denote any body shape that’s not just skinny, as it implies a whole other sorts of connotations I don’t feel like getting into now, but you don’t have to be so blatantly misogynistic and fat-shaming in your delivery.

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