Old-School Alpha

I was talking with my dad tonight and I’m fairly certain he’s the original alpha. He’s a dick like me but his dickishness is directed (I’m just an asshole so there’s that dichotomy) and I respect him as much as I love him. He taught me everything I know about respect and fulfilling your goals. He’s a great man and you’d do well to know him.

How does he qualify, for example? He’s a hard-charging motherfucker who doesn’t let useless bullshit get in his way and keeps his best interests at heart. If anyone is going to whoop some ass it’ll be him (aside from me but then again cracking heads used to be my job; I miss it like crazy but that’s neither here nor there).

Has he been fucked over? Sure, but then again who of us hasn’t? I think our reactions to being fucked over and the things that come of it define us as men. I love him to death and I’d happily destroy anyone that sought to cause him any harm. He’s where I get a lot of my mentality and inspiration from so I can at least blame his blood for the way I am. My daddy is my rock and there isn’t a goddamn thing that would change it; he and I would take a bullet for each other.

We have too many conversations to enumerate. Hell, he and I are even texting each other right now as I write this. He’s one of the elements I use for motivation and he’d do well to know that since any time I’m ready to crush heads I’m thinking of him.

I’m a man but absolutely not afraid to say that I love my dad and I cherish the things he’s taught me. Every man needs a figure of male inspiration and my dad is mine.


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