Re-igniting the Fire

For years I was a drunk son-of-a-bitch and a complete asshole (not the good “jerkboy charisma” one I am now; the bad “I’ll fight you just because it’s raining outside” kind). I’d put away roughly half a bottle of booze in a single night; it didn’t matter what kind as long as it got me bombed. I honestly can’t remember roughly half of my entire time in college because I was more interested in pounding whiskey, bourbon, tequila, and something I think may have been chemically similar to varnish. Needless to say (and yet I shall anyway) my days from about 2009 (so halfway through college) to the end of 2013 were drenched in a blurry haze of self-induced stupor. I never wanted to go out or even do anything because I either had a hangover or some kind of ghastly stomach pain every single day for a good long while. People don’t respect you if you can’t respect yourself, right? The stomach issue alone took about three months to clear up after I kicked the bottle; the pain was indescribable and it was a hell of a lesson to learn the hard way.

Once I kicked the booze and the pain cleared up I noticed something interesting about myself: I had WAY more energy and was ready to grab life by the balls. I actually began feeling that I HAVE to go out and do things; I go stir-crazy in my apartment if I stay indoors too long now. That fact alone has done nothing but help my fitness level and give me even more motivation to continue working out; I’ve lost 13 pounds while gaining more muscle so far and I’m still going strong. My testosterone has shot back up to the level it used to be and I’m invigorated; a lowered T level from the booze probably explains a lot of my beta behaviors from my past. While I was still drinking it felt like my inner fire had smouldered to a single ember; now it’s back to the raging inferno that consumes my personality and makes me the ass-kicking hard-charger I am.

What am I trying to get at here? Men who have lost their drive need to figure out how to get back in gear and get their shit together. Right after I kicked the alcohol I started focusing on my other dependencies: coffee, crappy food, and the aforementioned never wanting to do anything. I broke them all by taking them one at a time and committing to being a better man. I talk a lot about self-improvement but it wouldn’t mean a damn thing if I didn’t practice what I preach or have the past life experiences to back it up. I’ve been through my own personal hell and back. If I can do this, it’s proof it can be done since I managed to break FOUR separate dependencies in the span of a few months with hard work and willpower.

Get out there, kick some ass, and be ready to have your inner fire consume your soul once you find your own personal accelerant.


2 thoughts on “Re-igniting the Fire

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