“Men” Who “Need Feminism”

Believe me, I use the term “men” in the title very loosely. I saw this image over on Return of Kings and it made me cringe:

That... expectation exists?

That… expectation exists?

Yeah, somehow I think that expectation went out the window long ago and Mr. Gamma is just holding onto it for posturing. This poor bastard is beyond help and I truly do feel sorry for him. How do you get so screwed in the head that you think this is a good idea? It’s probably not this guy’s fault either; I’d wager that he’s listening to all the wrong influences. His expression screams “orbiter” to the max too. I almost want to fireman carry him into a gym and have him start pumping iron so he can begin reclaiming his testosterone, liberating his balls from his female friends’ purses, and start fighting off this kind of bullshit.

Image originally from http://www.returnofkings.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/gammamale2.jpg


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