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I Had Sex with a Fat Chick

PREFACE: I am absolutely NOT proud of this. This took place a few months ago.

Let me preface this by saying I jumped on the grenade for all future generations of men. I know Roosh and the like say not to have sex with fat chicks; I’ve actually had experience in doing so and I figure I can offer a much different perspective other than the purely theoretical. I’m not proud of it but I offer this information in the hopes that my fellow men won’t make the same mistake that I did in a moment of desperation.

She was an absolute sweetheart and we connected on everything but the physical level (I should mention that this was an OKC hook-up). As you all know, though, the physical level is enough for me and if I don’t connect with a potential girl there it’s all shot to hell and there’s no chance of anything else developing. Stupidly I was willing to pursue this avenue so this should serve as a warning to anyone willing to do the same.

Fat-chick game really isn’t too different from the regular type of game. Really, all you have to do is be experienced in eating pussy and pleasuring your woman. It still hurts to think this landwhale was anything but since I fucked her more than once. You chubby-chasers may benefit from my information but the regular guys would probably find absolutely nothing of value here. However, this field report is provided courtesy of my better judgment and with the context that I can prevent my fellow men from falling into this trap.

1. It hurts like crazy

Sex with a fat chick hurts more than you could possibly imagine. This woman had probably 50-100 lbs on me and my dick suffered as a result. I struggled to keep it up during the entire session and frequently had to lie regarding “No baby, I’m just really good at keeping it together”. How the hell could you possibly be turned-on with the kind of image upon which I had to present myself? Were it not for science I’d keep it completely secret.

The pressure exerted upon your crotch is incredible. Every single thrust is a reminder that this kind of sex is absolutely a bad idea.

I’m a big dude at about 6’5″ and 240 lbs of mostly muscle and this STILL hurt. It’s not really advisable unless you have time to kill and are willing to stick your dick in practically anything.

2. You go soft more times than you can count

Just looking at the land-whale is more than enough to make you go soft and question your decisions in life. One look and you realize you’ve made a ghastly mistake but you push on because you’re a trooper and already have the penile-vagina connection. This was easily the worst sex I’ve ever had; she made absolutely no effort to stimulate me and was content to bob up and down on my dick like she was churning butter. There was no interest in pleasing me and it was one of the few times I’d actually been happier it was over than it had happened.

You think Roosh hates condoms? The goddamn condom was the only thing keeping me from the full-on admission that I couldn’t keep it up for this chick. If I had been raw-dogging her I’d have had a better chance since her kisses were incredible but her body was shit. I have a very active imagination and could have imagined anything other than her for the time being.

3. The aftermath is frightening

I actually had to clean my sheets because of the shit-stains I saw. I knew they weren’t mine (my butthole is fairly clean on a regular basis) since I tracked her movements and the majority of them wound up in places that had shit-stains. I couldn’t say a damn thing to her so I bit the bullet and just cleaned everything after our rendezvous. I’ve never seen more spotting on my sheets in a lifetime but at the same time I can’t say I was surprised.

4. Conclusion

Learn from example. I’m ashamed I actually pursued such a whale (but then, hey… sex) though there are much more standards-worthy women available. The game used for fat chicks isn’t any different from the same game used for attractive women for the most part. Use my example as the rule; don’t do this shit unless you’re absolutely desperate and even then don’t do it. I’ll smack you in spirit.

Essentially, please don’t make the same mistake I did of fucking a fat chick when I was desperate; it will bite you in the ass more often than not.

Even 4chan Gets It

Say what you want about 4chan. Sometimes, though, they wind up producing something hilarious that contains an unintentional underlying truth.

This had me in tears from laughter when I read it; it’s a green-text post from /b/, I believe.

Anon Goes to the Future

Trigger Warning

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A Marine consoling his fellow Marine for something I can’t even begin to imagine

The above image has more to do with triggering than anything I can possibly explain. If you’re like me it’s hard to look at and it evokes an emotional response; a Marine burying his head in his friend’s shoulder sends chills up your spine when you think of the possibilities surrounding what he could have seen and what made him break down in such a way. THAT is a trigger in the truest sense of the word. It brings tears to my eyes to even think about what could have brought that man to break down completely.

The Watering-Down of “Trigger Warning”

One of the most recent transgressions against the vein of human decency has to come in the form of the bastardization of the phrase “trigger warning”. Originally, this phrase was primarily attributed to the actions or phrases that set off people who were unfortunately afflicted with PTSD (for you older folks: “shell shock”). In modern times, however, feminism has seen fit to retrofit anything and everything to be a “trigger”; the phrase has essentially lost all meaning and the feminists that use it have killed the legitimacy for those who truly suffer from the effects of waking up in a cold sweat regarding seeing absolutely unimaginable shit in live-or-die combat situations. This makes me particularly sick since I come from a military family and the hardships are real. Taking another person’s life in combat can’t be easy and I don’t claim to understand how it feels; I can’t begin to identify with it on any level and frankly I hope I never do. It pisses me off that something associated with a life-or-death situation can be watered-down so much as to apply to anything now (just like how everything is “misogyny” in the feminist echo chamber). I’d wager that I’m literally Hitler (Godwin’s Law is alive and well even here) to them but I’d much rather be called Rommel (at least he was a brilliant military strategist, a good soldier, and “The Desert Fox” is a pretty badass nickname to boot). To each their own, right?

I’m not sympathizing with the Nazis in my above statement to any regard; they were horrible people and inflicted the same if not more pain than some global leaders in the last century. I merely recognize Erwin Rommel for his brilliance on the battlefield like anyone versed in military tactics and warrior history would. Hell, even Eisenhower and MacArthur had a begrudging respect for the guy!

This kind of thing has even found its way into classrooms (no surprises there) and students are actively warned in certain universities that lecture slides may contain triggering material.

Why have we allowed such a legitimate problem to be bastardized by those who see fit to re-define it as anything but a completely serious and sometimes fatal condition?

Trigger warning: I’m an unapologetic dick. You should know that about me from my previous writings but this is a blatant warning to the optimists that read this.

Everything is a Trigger to Everyone Now

Take one look at something like /r/creepypms over on Reddit. Seriously, take a look; I do it at least once a day just for giggles and it will absolutely illustrate my point. Notice how at least one post in the first 25 has the acronym “TW” in it? Yeah, that stands for “trigger warning”. Apparently non-PTSD folks can be “triggered” by reading words on a screen. How low do you have to sink in your life in order to buy into such a victim complex willingly? These are the kinds of people we would label perpetual victims and rightfully so.

*Gasp!* Receiving an unsettling message “triggers” you into thoughts of depression or suicide? Better turn the monitor off and go outside then. Look at that: I just solved all online issues for everyone ever. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

The problem gets even worse over at /r/fatlogic. That subreddit details all of the “body-positivity” and “Healthy at Every Size” (HAES) campaigns and is generally just laughable from any perspective in medical science. I’m a big fan of Reddit since it provides a never-ending source of entertainment and amusement for me; unfortunately, though, it continues to prove the points both of myself and any other red-pill writer who has his shit together.

It Gets Worse

The media feeding into the “rape frenzy” and the utterly absurd diatribe of “rape culture” just makes things worse for us as a society. Everything is “rape” now just as everything contains a “trigger warning”. By using these phrases willy-nilly the idiots (that’s what they are; there’s no getting around it) dilute the true affliction of the actual victims. Hermann Goering said the following when he was interviewed during the Nuremberg Trials (source):

“It’s easy, really.  If you want to control people, all you have to do is make them believe they are under attack from someone or something.  Then you can do whatever you want.”

Women under attack from men? Check. Do whatever you want with no understanding of the consequences? Check. I’ve just described the effects of modern feminism in a nutshell and it sickens me.

The feminists focus on every instance and every micro-aggression and attempt to bend it to their cause in the guise of the “Wow, just WOW” position. They’re perpetual victims and strive to be nothing but that; it ultimately undermines their position but they’re too stupid to realize that fact. Their feelings get in the way every single time and serve as a barrier to any logical discussion based in reality and facts.


Men, do you get “triggered” by seeing words on your screen related to anything that you hold dear? Yeah, I didn’t think so since we’re much more thick-skinned on average and are able to take an insult the same way we’re able to take a compliment: with amused mastery. Men are logical creatures by nature and we have to be in order to survive; we analyze the complete situation with facts and formulate our arguments based on rationality and the way the world truly works. If there was ever any doubt that you can have logical discussion with a frenzied woman this should have completely shattered that pretty but ultimately useless illusion.

What Exactly is the Red Pill?

I just got myself a new office chair the last few days and I’m comfortable as hell. I can lean back and truly relax as I write my entries; you really have to love a college town since I poached this chair from the area near my dumpster as the most recent graduate was moving out of his apartment. My back hurts a lot less since I’m no longer using those IKEA excuses for lumbar support and general sedentary activities. I can actually swivel and move among my apartment so I’m feeling great and ready to discuss the philosophy behind this oft-used and rarely-understood phrase.

Red Pill? Isn’t that from The Matrix?

Well, yes and no. The swallowing and digestion of the red pill is different for everyone. Even its goals are a point of contention for some. For some (in all honesty it’s most of us) it may mean having the goal of meeting and seducing as many women as possible. For others, it may mean purely focusing on self-improvement and being the best men we can be. Neither of these options are completely wrong and neither of them are completely right either.

What exactly do I mean? Well, each option has the folks for which it may be correct; neither option is all-encompassing and therefore neither option may be right for the male populace as a whole. We have to decide exactly which path we wish to follow; in doing so, though, we realize the two are not mutually-exclusive and we can incorporate lessons from both into our daily lives in order to achieve what looks like a blend. Through self-improvement we should hope to achieve a combination of the two and not rely too heavily on one over the other.

Morpheus with Blue and Red Pills

Morpheus is holding both blue and red pills. Which will you take?

In The Matrix, Morpheus offered Neo two choices: swallow the blue pill and return to the sheltered and artificial life he knew or swallow the red pill and become privy to the reality of life and all of its hardships. Everyone who has seen the movie knows that Neo chose to swallow the red pill and live his life in the reality of human existence. The phrase doesn’t stray too much from that thought; swallowing the red pill in our society equates to realizing the situation in which we find ourselves and finding effective solutions in which to live.

Throughout the entire movie Neo finds himself in a struggle between the life he knew (blue pill) and the reality of his situation (red pill).

The Reality of the Situation

The red pill takes on many meanings to which I have enumerated above. In my own terms I see the red pill as an opportunity to improve who I am as a person and present a better Hawk to the world. In the pursuit of this goal I find myself lifting weights and approaching new people for conversation almost daily. By talking to strangers I expand my mind and engage others in their comfort zone in order to learn about the world that exists around me. By lifting weights I expand my body and push the physical limits that I have set for myself; I engage the flow of testosterone and make small improvements constantly until I’m pushing past the limits within which I have thought myself capable. The long and short? I’m lifting weights close to and beyond my own body weight and I never could have seen myself capable of such a feat.


The phrase the red pill means something different to everyone that internalizes it. However, the one thing that all of us have in common is that we desire self-improvement and are willing to work toward the goal of building better men within our time. Of course we can’t control the outcome of others and we’d be fools to expect otherwise. The one thing we can expect, however, is complete and utter dedication to our own plans and the pursuit of knowledge and fitness within our own limits and goals. Without goals, what are we but mere pawns in the hopes and dreams we wish to achieve? We need to push through the limits we set for ourselves in order to reach our true potential.

“Just Be Yourself”

Beating a Dead Horse

I know I’m beating a dead horse but this is important

I despise the phrase just be yourself with the fire of a thousand suns. Its usage is generally benign but the reality of the situation is so much more problematic than the phrase itself.

The phrase implies there’s absolutely nothing upon which we as men can improve upon. Obviously we know this to be false since a true man is always trying to find ways to expand his mind or better his body and generally become a better person. If everyone was a special snowflake and could just “be themselves” then the world would have no reason for anyone to pursue self-improvement; it would also be a really basic and lackluster place in which to live.

Why Do People Say “Just Be Yourself”?

I guarantee the majority of us have heard this phrase at least once in our lives. The source of it is even the same for most of that majority: our mothers. The context? Meeting and picking up women.

When our mothers say this it is never done with malice. Rather, it’s always done with the best intent but unfortunately it’s misguided advice. You can break it down to the idea that we’re listening to women for advice on how to pick up women. Logically, the idea should flow perfectly; shouldn’t women know what women truly want? We know this to be false and we’d be fools to trust them.

The reality of the situation is that women don’t know what they want deep-down and this phrase is an attempt to justify fantasy, not reality. The woman who says she wants a sweet man to be her equal? She creams herself when an alpha bad-boy caresses her and fucks her raw like an animal. The lady who says she wants her man to be open with his feelings? She’ll recoil the instant it happens and lose respect for him because he has shown himself to be weak the second he does it.

How Does it Affect Us?

Most women try to raise their sons to be beta. Hell, I know this is exactly what happened to me; the joke-but-not-really between my dad and I is that he “had a lot of fixing to do”. Damn straight he did and I thank the heavens every day that he was willing to do it so I could sack up and go pursue life on my own. Sadly this is not the case with a lot of married men; they supplicate to their wives by default and it leads to a totally fucked-up son with no powerful father figure who winds up stumbling across the philosophy of the Red Pill later on in life (or sometimes not at all).

Before we realize just how badly and unintentionally we’d be screwed-over we go through life putting women on a pedestal. We wind up seeing them as these creatures that can do absolutely no wrong and this is where the true danger rears its ugly head. The end result is that you’ll find yourself in the friend-zone faster than you can jack it to her photos on Facebook.

The cycle continues and some of us may even fall into the habit of completely hating women (the true misogynist by definition) for nothing other than their psychological and biological imperatives. These kinds of people may manifest themselves as pieces of human waste such as Elliot Rodger. That idiot was not at all associated with the kinds of things those of us who have internalized the red pill believe. It’s a logical fallacy (*cough*mainstream media*cough) to associate him with us since he’s the polar opposite of our practices but has exactly the “habit of completely hating women” that I touched on before. The end result of this is that you get some jack-off that shoots a bunch of people thanks to a bullshit ideology and selfishly offs himself before the police get the chance to put a couple hollow-points in him for the good of the country. He was not red-pill. He was not a “failed PUA”; he never even tried. He was just a crazy asshole who wound up killing innocent people.

Those of us that don’t go completely insane like the above wind up discovering RP philosophy and using it to make ourselves better men. Personally, I feel one of the primary reasons we need game in the modern world is in order to rectify the just be yourself problem. We focus constantly on what expands our minds and bodies and in the course of our journey we attract women as a consequence of our betterment. We don’t sit around and pray that our one true love or fair maiden (I cringed writing that) comes along; that’s just not realistic. Instead, we place our life mission first and reap the benefits as we go.

Green Tea Morning Routine

I just woke up about a half-hour ago and did the consumption routine this morning after making the batch last night so keep that in mind as you read the post. The reason that’s important is due to this post being entirely about waking up quickly with energy to spare for the rest of your day.

I was on Christian McQueen’s site the other day and this article caught my attention: A Morning Habit That Has Changed My Life.

Just like McQueen I sometimes have a difficult time getting my ass raring to go in the morning. Usually I’d solve this problem by heading to my local coffee place (no, I’m not talking Starfucks; I’m not paying four bucks daily for just a cup of coffee) and get a large dark roast. If you have the unfortunate luck of being like me in this next regard, coffee also serves as a diuretic; it’s not exactly the best way to start the morning. However, it seems that caffeinated green tea has the effects of coffee (with the added benefit of weight loss potential) without any of the ass-plosion drawbacks so I decided to incorporate his habit into my routine.

Natural Green Tea

I went to Vons and bought a box of those “Celestial Seasonings” green tea items and did all the preparation last night. Specifically, mine is the Honey Lemon Ginseng that is cut with White Tea for Smooth Taste. There are twenty bags in a box and it was like $2.50 with the Vons card and about $3.50 without. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me since we’re talking under four dollars for roughly a month of product with the preparation here.

Celestial Seasonings Green Tea Honey Lemon Ginseng

Tea Preparation

McQueen roughly says to do the following:

  1. Get 5 jugs that can hold enough rendered tea
  2. Boil 14 cups of water
  3. Toss four tea bags in there and make the tea
  4. Remove the tea bags
  5. Pour the rendered tea when complete into the jugs
  6. Put the jugs into your fridge so they’re ready for the morning (the tea should be cold when you drink it)

Now, those steps work well if you have the space in which to fit all those jugs. If you’re like me, space in your fridge is at a premium. I use a Rubbermaid Mixer Mate Pitcher (1 Gallon) as my jug for my preparation and storage since there’s just enough space in my fridge for it and it should hold about a week or so worth of the tea. I lightly modified McQueen’s steps above to make my own:

  1. Pour enough water into the jug that would match your desired quantity of tea (basically fill it just under the top)
  2. Dump it out into a large pot
  3. Heat the water until it’s just under boiling (if you do it uncovered you’ll basically see a line of steam coming out of the pot and the water should be cloudy)
  4. Toss four tea bags in there and make the tea (my brand takes two minutes to do)
  5. Remove the tea bags
  6. Pour the rendered tea back into the jug
  7. Put the jug into the fridge so it’s ready for the morning (again, it should be cold when you drink it)

This is the jug I use for those of you too lazy to click the link:

Rubbermaid Mixer Mate Pitcher 1 Gallon

Tea Consumption

I consume the tea exactly to McQueen’s specs. I have a ton of shot glasses back from my drinking days and regular cups so I didn’t really need to go out and get anything extra here. Consumption is the following daily:

  1. Consume two shot glasses of the tea (I use 2 oz glasses; none of that wussy 1.5 oz stuff here)
  2. Consume a full cup of tea

The above steps are not mutually-exclusive; you should be doing both of them one right after the other in that order.


It’s now roughly forty-five minutes since I got up and I’m feeling ready to kick some ass after nothing more than a simple combined 1 cup 4 oz of green tea. It’s a cheap and effective solution for getting ready to go so give it a try and see what you find.