Steve Miller and Groovin’

I should mention that I’m a BIG Steve Miller fan and list both he and John Fogerty as my musical influences when it comes to my guitar playing or singing. I’ve seen him live a few times and it’s always an experience; his band is fun as hell to watch and he has some real feel-good songs. Below is a live video of one of his classics called “Jet Airliner”.

Groovy, yeah?


6 thoughts on “Steve Miller and Groovin’

  1. I had the Greatest Hits bumpin in my car the other day! Right on.
    Cool to hear you’re a musician. I am a drummer myself.
    Yes, definitely groovy. -dcl

  2. Rock on! I don’t know what it is; any of their songs just put a smile on my face. I found myself singing “Jet Airliner” this morning and then “Proud Mary” a half-hour ago. I was brought up on classic rock so I’m sure that has something to do with it.

    Guitar and bass are my forte but I do dabble in drums occasionally; I need more practice so I’ve been looking into getting a permanent kit set-up in my apartment since I usually have to go to the studio if I want to drum these days. Are you an acoustic or e-kit kind of guy?

    • Acoustic set. “Fighter” is the company name. I don’t think its made anymore ha. Anyways, I would buy new pieces (lugs, skins, toms, cymbals) over the years and mix and match. I have had it since I first learned to play a decade ago. Recently, as I have moved around a lot, and rent, it can be difficult to play them as much as I used to.
      Rock on. -dcl

  3. Haha, fair enough! I’m relegated to an e-kit if I want anything since there’s a noise restriction here.

    You wouldn’t happen to be running anything along the Sybian or Zildjian lines or the like?

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