Green Tea Morning Routine

I just woke up about a half-hour ago and did the consumption routine this morning after making the batch last night so keep that in mind as you read the post. The reason that’s important is due to this post being entirely about waking up quickly with energy to spare for the rest of your day.

I was on Christian McQueen’s site the other day and this article caught my attention: A Morning Habit That Has Changed My Life.

Just like McQueen I sometimes have a difficult time getting my ass raring to go in the morning. Usually I’d solve this problem by heading to my local coffee place (no, I’m not talking Starfucks; I’m not paying four bucks daily for just a cup of coffee) and get a large dark roast. If you have the unfortunate luck of being like me in this next regard, coffee also serves as a diuretic; it’s not exactly the best way to start the morning. However, it seems that caffeinated green tea has the effects of coffee (with the added benefit of weight loss potential) without any of the ass-plosion drawbacks so I decided to incorporate his habit into my routine.

Natural Green Tea

I went to Vons and bought a box of those “Celestial Seasonings” green tea items and did all the preparation last night. Specifically, mine is the Honey Lemon Ginseng that is cut with White Tea for Smooth Taste. There are twenty bags in a box and it was like $2.50 with the Vons card and about $3.50 without. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me since we’re talking under four dollars for roughly a month of product with the preparation here.

Celestial Seasonings Green Tea Honey Lemon Ginseng

Tea Preparation

McQueen roughly says to do the following:

  1. Get 5 jugs that can hold enough rendered tea
  2. Boil 14 cups of water
  3. Toss four tea bags in there and make the tea
  4. Remove the tea bags
  5. Pour the rendered tea when complete into the jugs
  6. Put the jugs into your fridge so they’re ready for the morning (the tea should be cold when you drink it)

Now, those steps work well if you have the space in which to fit all those jugs. If you’re like me, space in your fridge is at a premium. I use a Rubbermaid Mixer Mate Pitcher (1 Gallon) as my jug for my preparation and storage since there’s just enough space in my fridge for it and it should hold about a week or so worth of the tea. I lightly modified McQueen’s steps above to make my own:

  1. Pour enough water into the jug that would match your desired quantity of tea (basically fill it just under the top)
  2. Dump it out into a large pot
  3. Heat the water until it’s just under boiling (if you do it uncovered you’ll basically see a line of steam coming out of the pot and the water should be cloudy)
  4. Toss four tea bags in there and make the tea (my brand takes two minutes to do)
  5. Remove the tea bags
  6. Pour the rendered tea back into the jug
  7. Put the jug into the fridge so it’s ready for the morning (again, it should be cold when you drink it)

This is the jug I use for those of you too lazy to click the link:

Rubbermaid Mixer Mate Pitcher 1 Gallon

Tea Consumption

I consume the tea exactly to McQueen’s specs. I have a ton of shot glasses back from my drinking days and regular cups so I didn’t really need to go out and get anything extra here. Consumption is the following daily:

  1. Consume two shot glasses of the tea (I use 2 oz glasses; none of that wussy 1.5 oz stuff here)
  2. Consume a full cup of tea

The above steps are not mutually-exclusive; you should be doing both of them one right after the other in that order.


It’s now roughly forty-five minutes since I got up and I’m feeling ready to kick some ass after nothing more than a simple combined 1 cup 4 oz of green tea. It’s a cheap and effective solution for getting ready to go so give it a try and see what you find.


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