“Just Be Yourself”

Beating a Dead Horse

I know I’m beating a dead horse but this is important

I despise the phrase just be yourself with the fire of a thousand suns. Its usage is generally benign but the reality of the situation is so much more problematic than the phrase itself.

The phrase implies there’s absolutely nothing upon which we as men can improve upon. Obviously we know this to be false since a true man is always trying to find ways to expand his mind or better his body and generally become a better person. If everyone was a special snowflake and could just “be themselves” then the world would have no reason for anyone to pursue self-improvement; it would also be a really basic and lackluster place in which to live.

Why Do People Say “Just Be Yourself”?

I guarantee the majority of us have heard this phrase at least once in our lives. The source of it is even the same for most of that majority: our mothers. The context? Meeting and picking up women.

When our mothers say this it is never done with malice. Rather, it’s always done with the best intent but unfortunately it’s misguided advice. You can break it down to the idea that we’re listening to women for advice on how to pick up women. Logically, the idea should flow perfectly; shouldn’t women know what women truly want? We know this to be false and we’d be fools to trust them.

The reality of the situation is that women don’t know what they want deep-down and this phrase is an attempt to justify fantasy, not reality. The woman who says she wants a sweet man to be her equal? She creams herself when an alpha bad-boy caresses her and fucks her raw like an animal. The lady who says she wants her man to be open with his feelings? She’ll recoil the instant it happens and lose respect for him because he has shown himself to be weak the second he does it.

How Does it Affect Us?

Most women try to raise their sons to be beta. Hell, I know this is exactly what happened to me; the joke-but-not-really between my dad and I is that he “had a lot of fixing to do”. Damn straight he did and I thank the heavens every day that he was willing to do it so I could sack up and go pursue life on my own. Sadly this is not the case with a lot of married men; they supplicate to their wives by default and it leads to a totally fucked-up son with no powerful father figure who winds up stumbling across the philosophy of the Red Pill later on in life (or sometimes not at all).

Before we realize just how badly and unintentionally we’d be screwed-over we go through life putting women on a pedestal. We wind up seeing them as these creatures that can do absolutely no wrong and this is where the true danger rears its ugly head. The end result is that you’ll find yourself in the friend-zone faster than you can jack it to her photos on Facebook.

The cycle continues and some of us may even fall into the habit of completely hating women (the true misogynist by definition) for nothing other than their psychological and biological imperatives. These kinds of people may manifest themselves as pieces of human waste such as Elliot Rodger. That idiot was not at all associated with the kinds of things those of us who have internalized the red pill believe. It’s a logical fallacy (*cough*mainstream media*cough) to associate him with us since he’s the polar opposite of our practices but has exactly the “habit of completely hating women” that I touched on before. The end result of this is that you get some jack-off that shoots a bunch of people thanks to a bullshit ideology and selfishly offs himself before the police get the chance to put a couple hollow-points in him for the good of the country. He was not red-pill. He was not a “failed PUA”; he never even tried. He was just a crazy asshole who wound up killing innocent people.

Those of us that don’t go completely insane like the above wind up discovering RP philosophy and using it to make ourselves better men. Personally, I feel one of the primary reasons we need game in the modern world is in order to rectify the just be yourself problem. We focus constantly on what expands our minds and bodies and in the course of our journey we attract women as a consequence of our betterment. We don’t sit around and pray that our one true love or fair maiden (I cringed writing that) comes along; that’s just not realistic. Instead, we place our life mission first and reap the benefits as we go.


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