What Exactly is the Red Pill?

I just got myself a new office chair the last few days and I’m comfortable as hell. I can lean back and truly relax as I write my entries; you really have to love a college town since I poached this chair from the area near my dumpster as the most recent graduate was moving out of his apartment. My back hurts a lot less since I’m no longer using those IKEA excuses for lumbar support and general sedentary activities. I can actually swivel and move among my apartment so I’m feeling great and ready to discuss the philosophy behind this oft-used and rarely-understood phrase.

Red Pill? Isn’t that from The Matrix?

Well, yes and no. The swallowing and digestion of the red pill is different for everyone. Even its goals are a point of contention for some. For some (in all honesty it’s most of us) it may mean having the goal of meeting and seducing as many women as possible. For others, it may mean purely focusing on self-improvement and being the best men we can be. Neither of these options are completely wrong and neither of them are completely right either.

What exactly do I mean? Well, each option has the folks for which it may be correct; neither option is all-encompassing and therefore neither option may be right for the male populace as a whole. We have to decide exactly which path we wish to follow; in doing so, though, we realize the two are not mutually-exclusive and we can incorporate lessons from both into our daily lives in order to achieve what looks like a blend. Through self-improvement we should hope to achieve a combination of the two and not rely too heavily on one over the other.

Morpheus with Blue and Red Pills

Morpheus is holding both blue and red pills. Which will you take?

In The Matrix, Morpheus offered Neo two choices: swallow the blue pill and return to the sheltered and artificial life he knew or swallow the red pill and become privy to the reality of life and all of its hardships. Everyone who has seen the movie knows that Neo chose to swallow the red pill and live his life in the reality of human existence. The phrase doesn’t stray too much from that thought; swallowing the red pill in our society equates to realizing the situation in which we find ourselves and finding effective solutions in which to live.

Throughout the entire movie Neo finds himself in a struggle between the life he knew (blue pill) and the reality of his situation (red pill).

The Reality of the Situation

The red pill takes on many meanings to which I have enumerated above. In my own terms I see the red pill as an opportunity to improve who I am as a person and present a better Hawk to the world. In the pursuit of this goal I find myself lifting weights and approaching new people for conversation almost daily. By talking to strangers I expand my mind and engage others in their comfort zone in order to learn about the world that exists around me. By lifting weights I expand my body and push the physical limits that I have set for myself; I engage the flow of testosterone and make small improvements constantly until I’m pushing past the limits within which I have thought myself capable. The long and short? I’m lifting weights close to and beyond my own body weight and I never could have seen myself capable of such a feat.


The phrase the red pill means something different to everyone that internalizes it. However, the one thing that all of us have in common is that we desire self-improvement and are willing to work toward the goal of building better men within our time. Of course we can’t control the outcome of others and we’d be fools to expect otherwise. The one thing we can expect, however, is complete and utter dedication to our own plans and the pursuit of knowledge and fitness within our own limits and goals. Without goals, what are we but mere pawns in the hopes and dreams we wish to achieve? We need to push through the limits we set for ourselves in order to reach our true potential.


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