I Had Sex with a Fat Chick

PREFACE: I am absolutely NOT proud of this. This took place a few months ago.

Let me preface this by saying I jumped on the grenade for all future generations of men. I know Roosh and the like say not to have sex with fat chicks; I’ve actually had experience in doing so and I figure I can offer a much different perspective other than the purely theoretical. I’m not proud of it but I offer this information in the hopes that my fellow men won’t make the same mistake that I did in a moment of desperation.

She was an absolute sweetheart and we connected on everything but the physical level (I should mention that this was an OKC hook-up). As you all know, though, the physical level is enough for me and if I don’t connect with a potential girl there it’s all shot to hell and there’s no chance of anything else developing. Stupidly I was willing to pursue this avenue so this should serve as a warning to anyone willing to do the same.

Fat-chick game really isn’t too different from the regular type of game. Really, all you have to do is be experienced in eating pussy and pleasuring your woman. It still hurts to think this landwhale was anything but since I fucked her more than once. You chubby-chasers may benefit from my information but the regular guys would probably find absolutely nothing of value here. However, this field report is provided courtesy of my better judgment and with the context that I can prevent my fellow men from falling into this trap.

1. It hurts like crazy

Sex with a fat chick hurts more than you could possibly imagine. This woman had probably 50-100 lbs on me and my dick suffered as a result. I struggled to keep it up during the entire session and frequently had to lie regarding “No baby, I’m just really good at keeping it together”. How the hell could you possibly be turned-on with the kind of image upon which I had to present myself? Were it not for science I’d keep it completely secret.

The pressure exerted upon your crotch is incredible. Every single thrust is a reminder that this kind of sex is absolutely a bad idea.

I’m a big dude at about 6’5″ and 240 lbs of mostly muscle and this STILL hurt. It’s not really advisable unless you have time to kill and are willing to stick your dick in practically anything.

2. You go soft more times than you can count

Just looking at the land-whale is more than enough to make you go soft and question your decisions in life. One look and you realize you’ve made a ghastly mistake but you push on because you’re a trooper and already have the penile-vagina connection. This was easily the worst sex I’ve ever had; she made absolutely no effort to stimulate me and was content to bob up and down on my dick like she was churning butter. There was no interest in pleasing me and it was one of the few times I’d actually been happier it was over than it had happened.

You think Roosh hates condoms? The goddamn condom was the only thing keeping me from the full-on admission that I couldn’t keep it up for this chick. If I had been raw-dogging her I’d have had a better chance since her kisses were incredible but her body was shit. I have a very active imagination and could have imagined anything other than her for the time being.

3. The aftermath is frightening

I actually had to clean my sheets because of the shit-stains I saw. I knew they weren’t mine (my butthole is fairly clean on a regular basis) since I tracked her movements and the majority of them wound up in places that had shit-stains. I couldn’t say a damn thing to her so I bit the bullet and just cleaned everything after our rendezvous. I’ve never seen more spotting on my sheets in a lifetime but at the same time I can’t say I was surprised.

4. Conclusion

Learn from example. I’m ashamed I actually pursued such a whale (but then, hey… sex) though there are much more standards-worthy women available. The game used for fat chicks isn’t any different from the same game used for attractive women for the most part. Use my example as the rule; don’t do this shit unless you’re absolutely desperate and even then don’t do it. I’ll smack you in spirit.

Essentially, please don’t make the same mistake I did of fucking a fat chick when I was desperate; it will bite you in the ass more often than not.


12 thoughts on “I Had Sex with a Fat Chick

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  2. I balled a 250#er while stationed at 29 Palms in the 80s. She worked at the enlisted club (civilian) and she snagged me after closing time me while I was drunkenly headed back to barracks. Fucked her on an GI wool blanket behind one of 3rd Tank Battalion’s tanks. Told my buddies of it the next day and one of em said he’d nailed her a week earlier at her place in town on her waterbed! The memory of the event was murky then as it is now and her ass was murky as well.

  3. lol, i just blogged about chubby chasers!

    what do you mean “it hurt” did you seriously let her get on top?? also, you should have gotten a blow job from her, fat girls should be used to giving good head because of dudes getting soft.

    • I did, yeah. Against my better judgment I thought I could suspend gravity and re-write the laws of physics. It was not so!

      It was actually the WORST head I’ve ever received. This was a chick who was deathly afraid of cum and anything related to it.

  4. Dude! Still roaring after reading this! Intentionally or not, one of the funniest posts I’ve read in months!

  5. Banged a porky, Good kisser, very clean. Got her on top she was holding the head board making sure not to crush me while squeezing my dick inside and rocking her hips. 10/10 would do again when desperate. She never gave head before surprisingly good not the best she swallowed it all.

  6. As a 265lbs woman… I get some weird satisfaction in reading this. I would rather know what guys really think and truth is I prob should close up shop for life – I’m likely shite in the sack and the guys I’ve been with prob feigned caring or enjoying it out of mere desperation.

    I came here because I’m dating a new guy and we’ve not had sex yet but I really care about him and for sure I’ll be doing him a favour calling the whole thing off.

    Ugh… sucks to be a fat girl ahh well 💔

    • I have had sex with all different types of women including women with a lot of extra weight. I have to say that some of the best sex Ive had was with overweight women. Its not because they were desperate or tried harder. We just had great sexual chemistry.

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