Defeatism: Where Self-Improvement Withers

A while back I was on Reddit and /r/foreveralone happened to be one of the trending subreddits on the front page. My first thought was “Okay, I’ve seen the Forever Alone Guy used in rage comics so let’s check this out. Maybe it will be funny”. I had a very uncomfortable realization upon entering the sub: these are some of the most depressed people I’ve ever seen and everyone just sits around enabling each other more often than not. The tagline is “Forever Alone, Together!”

Front page of /r/foreveralone

Front page of /r/foreveralone right now

Holy shit. There almost aren’t words to describe just how sad this whole situation is; I truly feel for these people. You know you’ve gone the wrong way down the rabbit hole when the place has information for the Suicide Hotline on the right side-bar. How do you get so far down that the only thing you can do is either think of offing yourself or coming into a community of people thinking about doing the same thing at one point or another?

The Most Dangerous Enemy of Self-Improvement

As I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve visited that sub (along with the huge red flag that the third post in the image says “Proof that relationship is the single biggest indicator of happiness in life”) you’ve found a constant feeling of defeatism. The reason I’m saying this is the most vicious enemy against self-improvement is that feeling comes from within; no external factors tell you you’re worthless. This feeling can be created based on outside failures but at the end of the day it’s entirely the one who failed who hammers the feeling of worthlessness into his brain. “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not attractive enough”, and “I can’t do anything right” are common subjects you’ll find there.

This group runs into a problem or a perceived failure and then completely obsesses over it. Occasionally it even becomes a dick-measuring contest regarding who’s the most alone or unworthy of life. Trying to one-up each other on who’s the most depressed is something I’ve only ever seen narcissistic teenagers try.

Sadly, Help is a Foreign Concept

You know there’s a problem when even /r/TheBluePill despises you.

If there was ever a group of people that needed a strong dose of the red pill it would be these folks. With thread titles like “Do you put women on a pedestal?” and comments like “I do and I enjoy it” you can even see that lack of success with women drives a lot of their mindset. Who had this idea in his head in recent media? Yeah, I’m talking about that dink Elliot Rodger. Countless media sources report on him as being either “red-pill” or a “failed red-piller”; he wasn’t a failed RPer. He was as blue as they come and never even tried to improve his situation but just bitched about it until he decided to kill a bunch of people.

However, whenever help is offered it is strongly rebuffed under the guise of something akin to “you just don’t understand my situation”. Doesn’t that also sound familiar? The kind of help they need is also even mocked but it’s given in such large doses that it probably wouldn’t help anyway. You wind up getting sarcastic bullshit like this thread mocking improvement when in reality that’s exactly the path these people need to be taking in order to get some value out of life. You also get threads that come so close to getting it and then the top-rated comment is a derisive “Been hitting those red pills pretty hard lately?” I’ve noticed somewhat of a trend where the people that are close to improving (not those that have successfully gotten out of an FAer mindset) are completely shut down because the responder can’t handle truth.

These kinds of people need the larger picture broken down into small manageable steps just like we would tell a non-depressed person who was new to TRP. The steps are similar but they have to be more focused on breaking a FAer out of their shell on the Internet as opposed to having them gung-ho approaching people in real-life and running game.

Hawk’s Self-Help Steps for FAers

Before you start the list please recognize that these steps are sequential. They are meant to be completed in order without any skipping.

  1. Cut contact and unsubscribe from /r/foreveralone. They’re not helping; they’re just enabling your situation.
  2. Jump onto Steam; it’s okay to use video games as a crutch for now since they have the potential for social interaction and a lot of FAers aren’t ready to make connections face-to-face just yet.
  3. Join some Steam Groups based on your interests over at the Steam Community.
    1. These groups often offer “Group Chat” so you can talk to people who also share your interests
  4. Jump into the group chat every so often if there are other people there so you can strike up conversations and at least have people to talk to
    1. CRITICAL: Do not bring up your Forever Alone views or how much you hate your life. You’re here to make happy connections not wallow in the same problem that caused everything in the first place.
  5. If you get close with a few people you enjoy talking to, try using the Send Message feature of Steam after you get them on your Friend List. That way you can talk to them one-on-one and form singular human connections.
  6. If you’ve joined a Steam Group that’s related to a game, play that game with some people from that group or your friends from Step 5.
  7. Hit the gym and lift or hit some cardio (yes, this will always be a part of self-improvement lists regardless of who the list is tailored for). This will help your confidence with your own self-image and that will be critical for you to start making face-to-face connections. You want to play to your strengths here to build your confidence.
  8. When you’re confident in your ability and you’ve formed meaningful relationships online it’s time for you to move into real-life. Talk to people about anything while waiting in line for coffee, waiting to check out at the register of the grocery store, anywhere you can find people.
    1. This step will be awkward as hell but each new conversation will build up your image more and more in that you’re able to talk to new people and before you know it you’ll converse effortlessly in real-life.
  9. Repeat steps 7 through 9 as you move through life and it will become second-nature to you. It takes work but you won’t feel so alone any longer.
    1. It’s okay to fall back on steps 4 through 6 every so often if you just need to talk to someone and you’re striking out at real-life conversations. At least you’ll be having interactions. However, you should not give up on steps 7 through 9 as you’re doing this, though.

Improvement is Possible

Every so often you’ll see threads on the sub that talk about finally getting the courage to change themselves and go back out into the world. One of the more recent ones I’ve seen is “It’s been fun, but I’m not FA anymore”. That’s the mark of someone who recognized the problem, took initiative, and started working toward a better life. Bravo, brother.

Unfortunately posts like these are far and few between.


Nobody is going to fix your situation for you; you have to be the one to step up, say “I’m sick of this”, and start on the path of changing your life. That’s the core component of what we preach when we discuss red-pill philosophy. It takes a lot of work to get from a suicidally-depressed state to one where you enjoy life and can form connections effortlessly and it’s admittedly difficult. Nothing worth doing is ever easy, though; the end result will be like night and day and you’ll be a better person for it.


Fat Feminist Frivolity

Boy, I haven’t written that many Fs in a row since I was in college! Yeah, I know fat and feminist are practically interchangeable and the combination of the two is just reiterating the obvious.

One of my dipshit female friends (no desire to bang) posted the following image on Facebook earlier. I hate to admit that I took this chick to prom (she looked loads better in high school than she does now; apparently popping out a kid will do that to you) before I got into my RP lifestyle and started making changes for the better regarding my self-improvement and starting living life on my own terms. I made the bitch pay her own way that night, though; I wound up hanging out with my friends and meeting new people, she wound up making an idiot of herself on the “dance” floor gyrating to whatever bullshit crap music was playing with the rest of the vapid retards. I even went outside with my friends to play blackjack and poker; she wound up leaving by herself without me. No way in hell was I going to be on the hook for her and I think we only hung out for the first half-hour before I said “the hell with this” and abandoned her to go find my buddies; I don’t regret my decision that day for a second.

She was maybe a 5 back in the day and even that’s being generous; she’s closer to a 3 now with how fat and moronic she’s gotten (you go, feminism). Anyway, the image follows (names have been blurred, obviously):

The Raperiarchy Exists… For Serious, Guys!

Fatass Feminist with typical talking points

Fatass Feminist with typical talking points

As an aside, I want to buy “beer drinking machine with penis” guy a beer in all honesty. That has to be one of the best retorts I’ve seen to the typical talking points of an incoherent movement. Nobody got it, either.

In this image you can see the typical feminist bitching about the patriarchy. Of course, the majority of the time we even hear that word it’s being said by someone who has absolutely no chance of getting laid with the discerning man who has any standards whatsoever. All they need to do is feel superior to each other and produce a never-ending clambake about who’s the bigger victim. I strongly doubt this fancy patriarchy has anything to say about any of these typical talking points. No, I’m fairly certain it’s human biology, basic attraction, and the Sexual Market Value (SMV) of the sexes that have everything to say about this. Of course, we know as logical men that the rationale of the three aforementioned forces are not up for debate. In contrast to the backhanded-compliment vitriol of the image we accept these things as fact since they work and can be proven on average more times than not. Only a fool would try to doubt evolutionary circumstances; people are attracted to other people in different ways but on average the basic rules of attraction hold true. If a woman is attractive (objectively feminine: hourglass figure, supple breasts, long hair, and great facial structure) there is a good chance a considerable number of men are going to at least think of her in a sexual manner. That’s just the way it goes.

Of course men can’t stop themselves from assaulting the… wait, what? You mean we’re actually capable of not inflicting sexual pain upon another human being? SACRILEGE. Of course we can’t control ourselves; it must be our animal instincts that we absolutely can’t control in order to preserve a civilized society. Nope, absolutely cannot do it. Look, nobody is saying that sexual assault isn’t horrible but you have to understand if we take a skeptical stance about it with some many false rape claims and a constant re-defining of sexual assault (“wow, that guy was creepy… he totes raped me with his eyes”). Most of us roll our eyes and say “Oh, come on” but look what just happened: the word “rape” failed to affect our emotions or even have any power whatsoever. When are we going to stop watering-down something like rape that used to be an absolutely horrendous and deplorable act? EVERYTHING is rape to these people and it gets to the point that the word loses all meaning and the true victims are facing an uphill battle.

Attraction is (and tends to) be Roughly Universal

Raise your hand if, upon seeing her, you’d be attracted to a 5’8″, 130 lb, bronzed Latina with firm tits, an hourglass figure, a penchant for cooking, and a desire for the most depraved fucked-up sex you can imagine. Yeah, me too. On average, most of you reading this would have raised your hands; if you didn’t, that’s fine too, but I guarantee you’re in the minority. There are just certain types of women that are boner-inducing across the board. When a woman embraces femininity and actually enjoys being a woman it sends my boner into overdrive.

Let me give a counter-example here. A 5’10, 310 lb, white hog walks in with rolls that could rival Violet Beauregard post-three-course-meal-gum in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. For the sanity of my readers I’m not going to describe the rest but let’s just say many of us have a very active imagination and we can fill in the blanks based on body type alone. How many of you would be instantly turned-off? Okay, I see some of you raising your hands. Now let’s add the fact that her only “cooking” comes from fast-food joints and she’s annoying and loud (it’s called “strong and independent”, right guys?). More hands are going up. Dead fish in the bedroom? Why you would ever want to go into the bedroom with this affront to human nature is beyond me but I don’t put it past some people. Almost all (if not all) of the hands are up now.

What can be seen here? Obviously, the former option has the potential to draw more men towards her while the latter would be lucky to pick up male table scraps. It’s not patriarchy that says males can only be attracted to certain types; it’s pure-and-simple biological desire. A major problem occurs when you try to frame a basic human instinct as a social issue.


My main point that has run as a common thread through this entire entry is that the behaviors which have been “forced” (don’t even go there) upon males are not the result of some social construct like the patriarchy but rather are inherent in our genetic markup. As far as I’m concerned the “patriarchy” doesn’t exist in the form the feminists bitch about but rather in the deference of female intelligence to male decision-making; we’re simply more capable of solving practical issues. After all, men, who would you prefer as your mate: an attractive woman who wants to work toward a common goal or a non-attractive specimen that bitches and moans about inconsequential nothingness?

Fat Acceptance

Edit: I’ve been sick for almost an entire month and since I’m now cured I would like to announce my return to blogging and calling people out on their bullshit.

Why the hell would we accept such a brazen attempt to deform the bodies of the masses and provide a reason for which to be “normalized” in the media?

I’ll tell you why: the abnormal once again seek a shelter from their own self-hatred and their own rationalization. What could possibly be beneficial from this class of people to warrant the kind of discussion that we offer here? Surely there isn’t some widely-accepted mantra that makes everything all-right. Instead, we look to the general circumstances that make the body-positivity movement quake under its (unsuspecting) weight and have its arguments collapse under everything resembling logic and fair thought.

Why are we accepting of this movement?

It seems that the primary reason we give this “movement” (if we can give it any rational credence) is due to the rationalization of its members. Fat must be healthy. Immobility must be healthy and any kind of lack of physical ability must be physically geared toward a serious health plan). Are you fucking kidding me? You’re fat because you choose to be; it’s nothing more and nothing less. I know that weight-loss is hard; nothing makes light of the kind of effort that is required. However, upon exerting the kind of effort that is discussed you will find that your general body type will change and your BMI will decrease. Go ahead and cite all of your resources from DWF and all the bullshit HAES activists; the fact of the matter is that an elevated weight is the key to shortened lifespan and an overall reduced quality of life. In the same vein as those previously-iterated retards, I have no need to specify my resources. Isn’t academic superiority a wonderful thing?

I drink. I’m also an asshole. However, I work out and stem the effects of both my drinking and my assholism; how many of you can say the same thing? I’m completely open with the things that I take in and the things that I burn. Can you say the same thing for the shitlords over at ThisIsThinPrivilege. Honestly, I think that we think folks should be proud of any gains that we have made in order to show the world that weight loss just isn’t for those fat fucks that can’t be bothered to get off the couch and stop eating pizza. I’ve lost fourteen pounds between January and April; go ahead and say that I won’t keep it off, you fat HAES fucks. As far as I’m concerned you’re just looking for a way to make yourselves feel better about your obesity and early heart disease. Come at me, bro.

Ragen, if you read this, you’re more than welcome to challenge any of the facts I’ve cited here. Also, make sure you don’t cite the “WOW, JUST WOW” feminist argument and actually decide to talk about true data and statistical arguments. We work off nothing but data here; if you can’t provide data we will happily make fun of you. It’s all part of the glory that is Hawk Writes.

If you CAN however provide data, you’re more than welcome to discuss it here. However, please be aware that you may appear on other blogs to defend your position since this is not a site that focuses on bullshit and “MUH FEELS”. We focus entirely on data and science; consider that before you say anything without empirical evidence to back it up.