Fat Acceptance

Edit: I’ve been sick for almost an entire month and since I’m now cured I would like to announce my return to blogging and calling people out on their bullshit.

Why the hell would we accept such a brazen attempt to deform the bodies of the masses and provide a reason for which to be “normalized” in the media?

I’ll tell you why: the abnormal once again seek a shelter from their own self-hatred and their own rationalization. What could possibly be beneficial from this class of people to warrant the kind of discussion that we offer here? Surely there isn’t some widely-accepted mantra that makes everything all-right. Instead, we look to the general circumstances that make the body-positivity movement quake under its (unsuspecting) weight and have its arguments collapse under everything resembling logic and fair thought.

Why are we accepting of this movement?

It seems that the primary reason we give this “movement” (if we can give it any rational credence) is due to the rationalization of its members. Fat must be healthy. Immobility must be healthy and any kind of lack of physical ability must be physically geared toward a serious health plan). Are you fucking kidding me? You’re fat because you choose to be; it’s nothing more and nothing less. I know that weight-loss is hard; nothing makes light of the kind of effort that is required. However, upon exerting the kind of effort that is discussed you will find that your general body type will change and your BMI will decrease. Go ahead and cite all of your resources from DWF and all the bullshit HAES activists; the fact of the matter is that an elevated weight is the key to shortened lifespan and an overall reduced quality of life. In the same vein as those previously-iterated retards, I have no need to specify my resources. Isn’t academic superiority a wonderful thing?

I drink. I’m also an asshole. However, I work out and stem the effects of both my drinking and my assholism; how many of you can say the same thing? I’m completely open with the things that I take in and the things that I burn. Can you say the same thing for the shitlords over at ThisIsThinPrivilege. Honestly, I think that we think folks should be proud of any gains that we have made in order to show the world that weight loss just isn’t for those fat fucks that can’t be bothered to get off the couch and stop eating pizza. I’ve lost fourteen pounds between January and April; go ahead and say that I won’t keep it off, you fat HAES fucks. As far as I’m concerned you’re just looking for a way to make yourselves feel better about your obesity and early heart disease. Come at me, bro.

Ragen, if you read this, you’re more than welcome to challenge any of the facts I’ve cited here. Also, make sure you don’t cite the “WOW, JUST WOW” feminist argument and actually decide to talk about true data and statistical arguments. We work off nothing but data here; if you can’t provide data we will happily make fun of you. It’s all part of the glory that is Hawk Writes.

If you CAN however provide data, you’re more than welcome to discuss it here. However, please be aware that you may appear on other blogs to defend your position since this is not a site that focuses on bullshit and “MUH FEELS”. We focus entirely on data and science; consider that before you say anything without empirical evidence to back it up.


5 thoughts on “Fat Acceptance

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  2. Working out is good for your health, but not truly the answer to obesity. The real answer lies in DIET: Cut out the sugars, simple carbs, diet foods and diet sodas and embrace a healthy natural diet of protein (meat, fish, whole eggs), minimal complex carbs, quality dairy and re-train your body’s metabolic agents ,e.g. insulin and the like, to burn claories rather than store same as fat. See Taubes’ book “Why We Get Fat” for a solid discussion of this issue.

  3. Fat Acceptance opponents always say that Fat Acceptance Movement wishes to normalize fatness. But isn’t it already normalized? Americans who visit a skinnier country sometimes say how much fatter they feel in that other country, even though for USA they are normal. And people who gradually gained some weight between 20 and 30, they also normalize their new state. At 20, maybe they weighed 130lbs, and felt normal. At 30, they weigh 160lbs, feel normal and think that 130 is quite skinny. I’m actually not convinced by what FA activists say – I’m not convinced fat is that big of a deal. Not unless you’re circus fat.
    But I didn’t live in USA, so can’t be sure.

    • It was normalized but it was more of a “quiet epidemic” kind of thing. Now, the medically chunky aren’t really pushing for “acceptance” as much as they’re pushing for “superiority” and “I can do whatever I want because feels”.

      You can also see them using fatness for stupid reasons such as willingly downing several packs of Oreos a week and then claiming (and in most cases winning) disability because they suddenly gained lesser planetary status from an entirely controllable situation and can’t work.

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