Strike a Pose…r

I was having breakfast with my dad on Saturday (most great stories involve my dad somehow) and we’re sitting there talking about red-pill stuff and large-scale military tactics (he was an Army Ranger, my grandfather on my mom’s side was a Marine, my grandfather on my dad’s side was an Army Air Force full-bird Colonel who flew with Jimmy Doolittle). The story of sitting down for breakfast one-on-one (entirely by chance too) with a retired Army General who was part of the Joint Chiefs is a story for a different day, though. I swear military stuff is in my blood and I have a soft spot in my cold heart for members of the service; I was busy getting drunk with a US Air Force officer last night too and helping him through some problems he was facing. Sometimes all you need is a friend who understands regardless of who you are. I find United States military people the easiest for me to befriend and form lasting friendships with since I come from a military family and can usually understand what they’re talking about; we usually share the same views on issues related to the world and society as well. I’m always there as a friend for the active-duty, reserve, and veteran folks that want to talk.

No shit, so there we were. We’re eating and I look out the window. A black-and-white cruiser pulls up to a red-painted curb (out here that means emergency vehicles only so Fire, EMS, and Police) with his lights off. A police officer gets out and moves out of my range of vision toward the store that’s a few doors down from us; I figure “Okay, he’s out on a call”. I point it out to my dad and we speculate on what call he’s there about; we figure he’s probably picking up a shoplifter or something similar. I go back to eating and talking with my dad. A few minutes later I look up and see some dipshit like the one below outside through the same window:

Poser from Malcom in the Middle

Poser from Malcolm in the Middle (Kevin for those keeping score at home)

Same basic mannerisms as the image. The difference is a flat-brimmed hat backward (instant failed-euthanasia indicator), two layered T-shirts, scraggly beard, vacant gaze, and skin as white as the desert sand. This dumbass has his arms spread-eagle, his chest puffed out, and is yelling at someone I can’t see. I’m sure you’ve all seen the stance since it’s the first thing I think of when I hear the phrase “Come at me, bro!” As per standard operating procedure I pointed him out to my dad so we could make fun of him together. Laughs were had and then the idiot entered the restaurant with his equally-trashy girlfriend (I guess; might as well have been his sister).

You can’t make this shit up. His first words upon entering were “Man, it’s sad what free speech has become in this country”. REALLY, DUMBASS? You have to be kidding me. It turns out this idiot mouthed-off to the cop that was outside for parking at a red curb (which, as I stated above, he was totally in his right to do as an emergency vehicle). You probably shouldn’t do it when there are other non-red spaces to park if you aren’t making an immediate arrest but you’re still within your right to do so. Well, the cop apparently took exception to being accosted by a waste of human breath and responded with “You want to talk?” aggressively; he shouldn’t have done that but I don’t blame him either. The next words out of this dipshit’s mouth were “Man, that cop was DISSIN’ me!” Yes, he emphasized “dissin'” and couldn’t even be bothered to add the last letter of the word.

I’m firmly of the belief that you can’t “diss” anyone who didn’t deserve respect in the first place. Of course, the concept of respect is foreign to most people these days anyway; I touched on that in an earlier post. Let’s get to the synopsis of the situation, though: dumbass mouthed-off to a cop and the cop responded in kind. THAT WAS IT. The idiot’s idea of free speech is apparently “I can say whatever I want regardless of what it is and never have anyone confront me for it!” Sure, the First Amendment protects your right to be an idiot in public places. What it DOESN’T protect against is speech that is designed to incite violence or cause problems; the reason it’s illegal to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theatre is the same reason you get a visit from the Secret Service if you say something that could be construed as potentially fatal to the President.

NOTHING HAPPENED to the idiot, of course. The fact that he could mouth-off to a cop and NOT be arrested shows that there’s nothing wrong with free speech but it unfortunately conflicted with his reality. I can tell you with near-certainty what he did later that day: he probably went back to the rest of his dipshit friends and said something like “Yo dawg, this cop was totally oppressin’ me but I showed him what’s up!” and all of the idiots started patting him on the back for a job well-done. What have we come to when this kind of behavior is seen as acceptable (even though it’s protected) by modern society? I refuse to include the term “civilized” here since our society is anything but that.


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