Times When it’s Okay for a Man to Cry

This is mostly in list format, so keep that in mind.

– The end of The Green Mile

– Any time a dog is killed in a movie (watch the re-make of I Am Legend with Will Smith) or TV show

– Basically any time within the last 45 minutes of the movie We Were Soldiers; I can’t watch that portion of the movie without having some kind of tears streaming down my face (my dad was in Vietnam from ’70 – ’74 in the 75th Rangers 2nd Battalion so it really hits deep for me):

  • The photographer lighting-up the NVA and then carrying the poor bastard who got half his face blown off (and you just know he won’t survive)
  • Finding Sgt. Sabbitch alive with his hand reaching up from the brush
  • Seeing both the dead soldier wearing a wedding ring and its aftermath
  • Sgt. Sabbitch crying his eyes out (anyone from a military family will know that when an NCO does this it means there are HUGE problems)
  • The final assault by the 1st Cavalry division on the NVA (stress tears)
  • Greg Kinnear’s character showing up OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE and blasting the shit out of the NVA in his Huey-Cobra (major happy tears); I’ve never watched this part of the movie without it putting a smile on my face.
  • The photographer realizing he’s lost his identity when he’s being interviewed
  • Those goddamn reporters who might as well have been leeches trying to interview the Colonel about the men lost; his face says it all.
  • The conversation between the photographer and the Colonel that ends with the Colonel crying
  • Watching the Colonel come home
  • The entire last five minutes are a tear-jerker (the spouses of the dead getting the notifications, the Colonel at the wall, and even the names of the dead soldiers on the screen)

All of the above would pretty much do it.


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