Online Game Made Me Complacent

I was doing my regular OkCupid regimen while I was at work (I had absolutely NOTHING to do so I was free to pursue whatever dumbass thing I wanted) and I noticed a strange pattern: whereas I would have been interested in roughly half of the women I saw beforehand I couldn’t give two shits about them now.

I’ve retained some of my previous prejudices in that any reference to feminism or any SJW-related concept is an instant “no-go” and instantly necessitates a next. More and more of my matches were becoming of the “feminism” variety so I started thinking about how I displayed myself.

Again, if I see the word “feminism” in the first paragraph or in the “What I’m Looking For” section I instantly go “Not worth my time” and move on to the next viable candidate. However, was sifting through match after match really ruining my ability to go out and meet actual women? When reflecting back on it I can safely say that it wasn’t doing me any good and running Internet game was actually having a negative effect on my life since for a long time I was eschewing real face-to-face interactions in face of messaging behind a screen since I saw it as the easier alternative.

What would happen if some random chick rejected me? Ah, who the hell cares; I could just move on to the next one. This stance, of course, had both its positives and negatives. The positives were that there was absolutely no effort in moving on to the next chick since the effect of being rejected was negligible. The negative of this stemmed from the exact same thing; the effect of being rejected was negligible so there was absolutely no room to grow and strengthen against the act of rejection as a whole. I was causing myself more harm than good and actually doing myself a detriment in the long-run.

Before the above realization took place, though, I became dependent on online dating as the sole means of running game. Any player knows this is a toxic habit in which to fall but I didn’t see a problem with it at the time; I was “meeting” women without any effort so how can it be bad? It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy since your face-to-face conversational skills decline and you can’t run real-world game as effectively. I got lucky in that I saw it happening and took steps to rectify it. Now online game is completely ancillary to my face-to-face interactions and I put absolutely zero stock in the online world until I can pull a number and convert it into a real-world interaction.

Don’t fall into the same trap that I once did in thinking the online scene was the end-all-be-all of dating; it’s anything but. Your confidence shrinks and you lose your ability to talk to the alternate sex if you’re just hiding behind a screen; get out there and approach women to keep your skills and conversational abilities sharp!


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