A Wild SJW Appears

A velociraptor runs giddily across an empty field chasing his detected prey of the day.

A pterodactyl screeches overhead as he observes the scene from the sky.

A stegosaurus wanders around in search of plant life and accessible trees for consumption.

Meanwhile, the SJW emerges from his cave after a long morning of cognitive dissonance and inability to separate facts from feelings. Remnants of the typically-inert yet poisonous-in-large-quantities substance Cheetoria Cheddarismus adorn his unkempt beard as his mind fills with lust for the inaccessible symbols of pleasure that do not include his own fleshy member.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this; I’m somewhat a fan of the Cretaceous Period and I have absolutely zero respect for the run-of-the-mill SJW on Twitter. Allow me to provide some backing evidence before I delve too deeply. Here’s exactly what I said:

Exactly what I wrote and nothing more

Exactly what I wrote and nothing more

Granted, I’m a dick. Here’s the reaction I received to the following with few instances of support and the majority of replies being of the white-knight variety (read bottom-to-top):

Twitter begins its imploding

Twitter begins its imploding

It sure didn’t stop there and there was more to be reaped from the vapid mindset of the general social justice warrior (bottom to top continuing from the image above):

Idiocy from the SJW movement aganist their fair maiden

Idiocy from the SJW movement against their fair maiden

I’m thankful that I have been able to encounter the SJW in its natural caveman environment otherwise I’d think it was just yet another element of the mythology for which I’d study.

Very little support was given and why should it be? My favorite comment is from @fracture7924 encouraging me to keep kicking ass and taking names just like I always have; however, the majority of the responses weren’t nearly that positive. The position of logic and reason has taken a back-seat to feelings and a lack of burden of proof. I maintain that this idiot Quinn is completely deserving of every single thing she receives as a result of this entire “movement”. I hesitate to call some hashtag bullshit activism as “GamerGate” a “movement” since it will inevitably collapse under the own weight as its apathy but it can currently show us the solipsism of the female mind as well as the willingness to accept such a stance as normal from the “male” (used very loosely here) to accept it as normal.

I issue an open challenge to the SJWs: please attempt to rationalize the actions of this idiot Quinn either online or real-life. The evidence shows that she attention-whored (and in some circumstances literally whored) herself out for groups who would hinder and distort the truth. Apparently actions don’t have consequences and the warriors as described are willing to deafen themselves to the true situation as it exists.

Trying to find any rhyme or reason for the Quinnspiracy is like playing a three-shell game: you don’t realize exactly what’s going on unless you’re watching the situation with a cold calculating mindset. You have to remain completely logical otherwise feelings can work their way into a completely fact-based argument; the long and short is that she was a whore and wound up suffering the consequences for her actions. Any kind of “harassment” she may have suffered is entirely her own fault and she should not have done stupid things if she didn’t want the consequences to blow back on her.

She complains that women are harassed frequently online. News flash, sweetheart: everyone is harassed because IT’S THE INTERNET. Your crappy non-game may have not touched on the subject but everyone on the Internet gets harassed by everyone else; if you can’t handle it then there’s a good chance you should get up, log off, and go outside since you’re too weak to accept the fact that the Internet isn’t a kind place and will always find something for which to assault. Obviously you haven’t been on the Internet too long and haven’t seen that the Internet can do these things; turn your computer off, go outside, and focus on something in your life that has nothing to do with that electronic influence. Of course you can’t do that since your entire platform focuses on feeble-minded people (read: SJWs) to push your agenda.

Where can we go from here? Obviously the existence of SJWs is a virus on our community and can’t be treated as anything otherwise. A virus depends on a host in order to survive and a SJW depends on perceived outrage in order to survive from the very people it seeks to victimize; it’s a never-ending cycle with these people.

Once a SJW appears you can be sure that your arguments no longer hold stock and that feels > reals in every situation when that person is involved.


2 thoughts on “A Wild SJW Appears

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  2. most of those people aren’t sjw or white knights, they are just saying that #gamergate isn’t about that fat ugly slut. they’ve moved on, they aren’t talking about that whore anymore that’s why she wrote the article, because she isn’t getting any attention. & you are playing right into her hands.

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