Women are Particular Creatures

This marks my first post since May; I have been out in the field as well as training my engineering students for the last five months (I got promoted to the Head of IT within the last few months so that has been occupying the majority of my time but that’s neither here nor there) so I really haven’t had time to write down my experiences or even try to be creative in my wordsmithery (not a word but it is now).

How does this pertain to you? I’ve come to a certain realization after quite a while courting and experiencing the feminine mind: women LOVE when you screw with them. Men need to have a balance of playful assholery and complete disregard; the mixture varies based on the individual. Identifying when to execute it results in an “always” while in the early stages of courting. An execution of “sometimes” in conjunction with the intermediate phases will also lead to success as well. The primary issue here is identifying the state of the individual with whom you are conversing and applying just the right amount of forwardness in order to keep the communication flowing.

All things considered this is fairly basic game but it takes the aforementioned blend in order to make it work. Let’s take the following playful example:

Woman: “I’m going to destroy you!”
Man: “With kisses”

Now the ball is back in her court and she’s thinking about how she can gain the advantage here. However, since we escalated it she’s now thinking about having a lip-lock and there are very few things we can do in order to screw that up. If she responds favorably we’re golden; if not it all depends on the attitude. Attitude is considerably more important than how the message is written; if you can get across a confident persona you’ll be in the zone even if the message is lacking. Women are drawn to raw confidence so that has to be how you portray yourself outwardly. Remember that the devil is in the details and the outward projection is more important than the inner feelings; if you project confidence (even if you are nervous as hell inside) then your audience will pick up on that confidence. Of course it has to be done well but strong inner game (i.e. confidence) is the first step; knowing yourself and tailoring your reactions to certain situations is key.

Women love a playful man. Those who do not give a straight answer and are great about it are valued considerably higher than those who are direct in their answers. Women enjoy the hunt as much as men do. Knowing how to leverage that is key in any interaction. When dealing with a common situation such as this the key is to place the ball back in her court; she will always respond better to a man who is interested in her when he doesn’t show it. It’s all in being able to toy with her.

Stay cool and collected in the face of a woman who is trying your patience when she is doing it with a smile. Play on her weak points and keep an air of humor about yourself in order to achieve the result you desire.


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