The “Nice Guy” Cure

1. Right Out of the Gate

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you wonder why no woman ever wants you?
  2. Do you keep yourself up at night with fantastical visions of a perfect life with a perfect wife?
  3. Do you want a lifelong commitment without a modicum of effort?

Do these questions seem familiar to you?

Okay, maybe you’re not the loser I described. Are you on the sidelines, though? Are you the kind of person that never seems to get the girl but always winds up wiping away her tears? Can you just never get a break?

Are you doomed to playing the fool your entire life?

There are two answers here: the short answer and the long answer. The short answer is that it is absolutely possible to break out of your shell. The long answer is that it is going to take some work and some serious introspection. Are you ready for that? Only you will know for sure.

Be aware that this in no way guarantees you will attain the object of your affection. In all honesty I couldn’t care less. You will, however, learn to see the world the way that it is and without the rose-colored glasses through which you have been conditioned to see life.

Read on, son… you might just learn something!

2. The Painful Truth

You’re really not all that nice. As a matter of fact you’re most-likely a dick as well as someone that would easily collapse in a fight. There is nothing physically or mentally redeeming about you. You have absolutely no physical merit and the psychological prowess upon which you pride yourself is laughable at best. You tell yourself that you are somehow superior to “the others” and you live your life based on that which you have completely invented in your own mind. There is truly nothing redeemable about you. Why should anyone, let alone women, want to spend their time around you?

You’ve never been tested in combat. I’m not talking about playful fighting; I’m talking about serious hand-to-hand “if you lose, you die” combat. You have never truly been fighting for you life and have never been in a state where a single mistake will end your existence.

If you HAVE ever been in a real combat situation then you have not learned anything about humanity or attraction as a result. Either of those two outcomes results in an individual that is maladjusted to propagate his genes into the next generation: in essence, there is no hope for you.

That stings, right? The problem exists entirely within YOU. You can blame others as much as you want; however, at some point you have to take responsibility for your situation.

There is, of course, a cure. That cure, however, comes with a heavy dose of self-analysis first and a desire to fix that which is wrong. If you do not have the intestinal fortitude to do so then you should stop reading at this point; it only gets more difficult from here. If you do possess the requisite strength and desire for self-improvement then you may absolutely continue on.

3. The First Step

The first step is admitting you’re not able to summon the courage to go and approach women in real life. Online games and dating sites (OKCupid, EHarmony, PlentyOfFish, etc) do not count; you need to out and have real interactions with real people. Without face-to-face interaction you’re pretty much doomed.

I know that it absolutely seems frightening at first. Anything worth doing takes practice, right? I’m not a fan of e-sports (you all need to be outside playing real sports) but I can use it in an analogy. Let’s take a common game (CS:GO) as an example:

  • You need to have individual skill to succeed at certain maps in CS:GO
  • You need to work well in a team to succeed at certain maps in CS:GO

There is at least one condition in which you have to work well as a team in order to succeed. In order to work well in a team you cannot do anything you want to do at any given time; you need to make sacrifices for the forward momentum of the team as a whole. The team depends on the actions of all of the individuals combined.

Once you can function without thinking entirely of yourself you are ready to move on to the next step.

4. The Second Step

Approach, approach, approach.

Human interaction may be terrifying. It’s similar for anyone that is trying to free themselves from the shell they have constructed.

You already know you can provide for yourself. You already know you can provide for your team. That says nothing regarding people outside of either of these two groups. In order to engage with people outside of your comfort zone you have to break from your normal routine and talk with individuals with whom you would otherwise have nothing in common.

Still a gamer? Get “Pokemon Go” onto your phone (Android or iPhone). It will get you outside and will open you up to an immense amount of possibilities. Spend some time in your town going around and catching Pokemon. It may seem stupid at first but the more you do it you will see the potential benefit. The more you see the potential benefit the more you will be in a position to reap it.

A large amount of the college-age population has decided to go out and hunt for Pokemon on their phones. It will absolutely seem silly at first based on the previous paragraph but consider the results:

  1. You’re actively walking around. You won’t be merely taking up space.
  2. You’ll eventually know the lore and can talk intelligently about it.
  3. Being active equates to exercise. Physical activity augments or replaces intellectual capability and creates a well-rounded person.

You can speak ill of the phone app all you want but the results speak for themselves.

5. The Third Step

Stop believing the crap you see on /r/seduction (seddit) and instead focus on your goals. Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What do you want to accomplish in your life?
  2. What do you need to attain your goals?
  3. What is standing in the way of accomplishing your goals?

At this point you should have already gotten to the point where you realize you are in control of your life and you are the only person that should be held accountable. You have already removed all toxic influences.

Your task at this point? Go forth and make what you want out of life!


Women are Particular Creatures

This marks my first post since May; I have been out in the field as well as training my engineering students for the last five months (I got promoted to the Head of IT within the last few months so that has been occupying the majority of my time but that’s neither here nor there) so I really haven’t had time to write down my experiences or even try to be creative in my wordsmithery (not a word but it is now).

How does this pertain to you? I’ve come to a certain realization after quite a while courting and experiencing the feminine mind: women LOVE when you screw with them. Men need to have a balance of playful assholery and complete disregard; the mixture varies based on the individual. Identifying when to execute it results in an “always” while in the early stages of courting. An execution of “sometimes” in conjunction with the intermediate phases will also lead to success as well. The primary issue here is identifying the state of the individual with whom you are conversing and applying just the right amount of forwardness in order to keep the communication flowing.

All things considered this is fairly basic game but it takes the aforementioned blend in order to make it work. Let’s take the following playful example:

Woman: “I’m going to destroy you!”
Man: “With kisses”

Now the ball is back in her court and she’s thinking about how she can gain the advantage here. However, since we escalated it she’s now thinking about having a lip-lock and there are very few things we can do in order to screw that up. If she responds favorably we’re golden; if not it all depends on the attitude. Attitude is considerably more important than how the message is written; if you can get across a confident persona you’ll be in the zone even if the message is lacking. Women are drawn to raw confidence so that has to be how you portray yourself outwardly. Remember that the devil is in the details and the outward projection is more important than the inner feelings; if you project confidence (even if you are nervous as hell inside) then your audience will pick up on that confidence. Of course it has to be done well but strong inner game (i.e. confidence) is the first step; knowing yourself and tailoring your reactions to certain situations is key.

Women love a playful man. Those who do not give a straight answer and are great about it are valued considerably higher than those who are direct in their answers. Women enjoy the hunt as much as men do. Knowing how to leverage that is key in any interaction. When dealing with a common situation such as this the key is to place the ball back in her court; she will always respond better to a man who is interested in her when he doesn’t show it. It’s all in being able to toy with her.

Stay cool and collected in the face of a woman who is trying your patience when she is doing it with a smile. Play on her weak points and keep an air of humor about yourself in order to achieve the result you desire.

Online Game Made Me Complacent

I was doing my regular OkCupid regimen while I was at work (I had absolutely NOTHING to do so I was free to pursue whatever dumbass thing I wanted) and I noticed a strange pattern: whereas I would have been interested in roughly half of the women I saw beforehand I couldn’t give two shits about them now.

I’ve retained some of my previous prejudices in that any reference to feminism or any SJW-related concept is an instant “no-go” and instantly necessitates a next. More and more of my matches were becoming of the “feminism” variety so I started thinking about how I displayed myself.

Again, if I see the word “feminism” in the first paragraph or in the “What I’m Looking For” section I instantly go “Not worth my time” and move on to the next viable candidate. However, was sifting through match after match really ruining my ability to go out and meet actual women? When reflecting back on it I can safely say that it wasn’t doing me any good and running Internet game was actually having a negative effect on my life since for a long time I was eschewing real face-to-face interactions in face of messaging behind a screen since I saw it as the easier alternative.

What would happen if some random chick rejected me? Ah, who the hell cares; I could just move on to the next one. This stance, of course, had both its positives and negatives. The positives were that there was absolutely no effort in moving on to the next chick since the effect of being rejected was negligible. The negative of this stemmed from the exact same thing; the effect of being rejected was negligible so there was absolutely no room to grow and strengthen against the act of rejection as a whole. I was causing myself more harm than good and actually doing myself a detriment in the long-run.

Before the above realization took place, though, I became dependent on online dating as the sole means of running game. Any player knows this is a toxic habit in which to fall but I didn’t see a problem with it at the time; I was “meeting” women without any effort so how can it be bad? It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy since your face-to-face conversational skills decline and you can’t run real-world game as effectively. I got lucky in that I saw it happening and took steps to rectify it. Now online game is completely ancillary to my face-to-face interactions and I put absolutely zero stock in the online world until I can pull a number and convert it into a real-world interaction.

Don’t fall into the same trap that I once did in thinking the online scene was the end-all-be-all of dating; it’s anything but. Your confidence shrinks and you lose your ability to talk to the alternate sex if you’re just hiding behind a screen; get out there and approach women to keep your skills and conversational abilities sharp!

I Had Sex with a Fat Chick

PREFACE: I am absolutely NOT proud of this. This took place a few months ago.

Let me preface this by saying I jumped on the grenade for all future generations of men. I know Roosh and the like say not to have sex with fat chicks; I’ve actually had experience in doing so and I figure I can offer a much different perspective other than the purely theoretical. I’m not proud of it but I offer this information in the hopes that my fellow men won’t make the same mistake that I did in a moment of desperation.

She was an absolute sweetheart and we connected on everything but the physical level (I should mention that this was an OKC hook-up). As you all know, though, the physical level is enough for me and if I don’t connect with a potential girl there it’s all shot to hell and there’s no chance of anything else developing. Stupidly I was willing to pursue this avenue so this should serve as a warning to anyone willing to do the same.

Fat-chick game really isn’t too different from the regular type of game. Really, all you have to do is be experienced in eating pussy and pleasuring your woman. It still hurts to think this landwhale was anything but since I fucked her more than once. You chubby-chasers may benefit from my information but the regular guys would probably find absolutely nothing of value here. However, this field report is provided courtesy of my better judgment and with the context that I can prevent my fellow men from falling into this trap.

1. It hurts like crazy

Sex with a fat chick hurts more than you could possibly imagine. This woman had probably 50-100 lbs on me and my dick suffered as a result. I struggled to keep it up during the entire session and frequently had to lie regarding “No baby, I’m just really good at keeping it together”. How the hell could you possibly be turned-on with the kind of image upon which I had to present myself? Were it not for science I’d keep it completely secret.

The pressure exerted upon your crotch is incredible. Every single thrust is a reminder that this kind of sex is absolutely a bad idea.

I’m a big dude at about 6’5″ and 240 lbs of mostly muscle and this STILL hurt. It’s not really advisable unless you have time to kill and are willing to stick your dick in practically anything.

2. You go soft more times than you can count

Just looking at the land-whale is more than enough to make you go soft and question your decisions in life. One look and you realize you’ve made a ghastly mistake but you push on because you’re a trooper and already have the penile-vagina connection. This was easily the worst sex I’ve ever had; she made absolutely no effort to stimulate me and was content to bob up and down on my dick like she was churning butter. There was no interest in pleasing me and it was one of the few times I’d actually been happier it was over than it had happened.

You think Roosh hates condoms? The goddamn condom was the only thing keeping me from the full-on admission that I couldn’t keep it up for this chick. If I had been raw-dogging her I’d have had a better chance since her kisses were incredible but her body was shit. I have a very active imagination and could have imagined anything other than her for the time being.

3. The aftermath is frightening

I actually had to clean my sheets because of the shit-stains I saw. I knew they weren’t mine (my butthole is fairly clean on a regular basis) since I tracked her movements and the majority of them wound up in places that had shit-stains. I couldn’t say a damn thing to her so I bit the bullet and just cleaned everything after our rendezvous. I’ve never seen more spotting on my sheets in a lifetime but at the same time I can’t say I was surprised.

4. Conclusion

Learn from example. I’m ashamed I actually pursued such a whale (but then, hey… sex) though there are much more standards-worthy women available. The game used for fat chicks isn’t any different from the same game used for attractive women for the most part. Use my example as the rule; don’t do this shit unless you’re absolutely desperate and even then don’t do it. I’ll smack you in spirit.

Essentially, please don’t make the same mistake I did of fucking a fat chick when I was desperate; it will bite you in the ass more often than not.

“Just Be Yourself”

Beating a Dead Horse

I know I’m beating a dead horse but this is important

I despise the phrase just be yourself with the fire of a thousand suns. Its usage is generally benign but the reality of the situation is so much more problematic than the phrase itself.

The phrase implies there’s absolutely nothing upon which we as men can improve upon. Obviously we know this to be false since a true man is always trying to find ways to expand his mind or better his body and generally become a better person. If everyone was a special snowflake and could just “be themselves” then the world would have no reason for anyone to pursue self-improvement; it would also be a really basic and lackluster place in which to live.

Why Do People Say “Just Be Yourself”?

I guarantee the majority of us have heard this phrase at least once in our lives. The source of it is even the same for most of that majority: our mothers. The context? Meeting and picking up women.

When our mothers say this it is never done with malice. Rather, it’s always done with the best intent but unfortunately it’s misguided advice. You can break it down to the idea that we’re listening to women for advice on how to pick up women. Logically, the idea should flow perfectly; shouldn’t women know what women truly want? We know this to be false and we’d be fools to trust them.

The reality of the situation is that women don’t know what they want deep-down and this phrase is an attempt to justify fantasy, not reality. The woman who says she wants a sweet man to be her equal? She creams herself when an alpha bad-boy caresses her and fucks her raw like an animal. The lady who says she wants her man to be open with his feelings? She’ll recoil the instant it happens and lose respect for him because he has shown himself to be weak the second he does it.

How Does it Affect Us?

Most women try to raise their sons to be beta. Hell, I know this is exactly what happened to me; the joke-but-not-really between my dad and I is that he “had a lot of fixing to do”. Damn straight he did and I thank the heavens every day that he was willing to do it so I could sack up and go pursue life on my own. Sadly this is not the case with a lot of married men; they supplicate to their wives by default and it leads to a totally fucked-up son with no powerful father figure who winds up stumbling across the philosophy of the Red Pill later on in life (or sometimes not at all).

Before we realize just how badly and unintentionally we’d be screwed-over we go through life putting women on a pedestal. We wind up seeing them as these creatures that can do absolutely no wrong and this is where the true danger rears its ugly head. The end result is that you’ll find yourself in the friend-zone faster than you can jack it to her photos on Facebook.

The cycle continues and some of us may even fall into the habit of completely hating women (the true misogynist by definition) for nothing other than their psychological and biological imperatives. These kinds of people may manifest themselves as pieces of human waste such as Elliot Rodger. That idiot was not at all associated with the kinds of things those of us who have internalized the red pill believe. It’s a logical fallacy (*cough*mainstream media*cough) to associate him with us since he’s the polar opposite of our practices but has exactly the “habit of completely hating women” that I touched on before. The end result of this is that you get some jack-off that shoots a bunch of people thanks to a bullshit ideology and selfishly offs himself before the police get the chance to put a couple hollow-points in him for the good of the country. He was not red-pill. He was not a “failed PUA”; he never even tried. He was just a crazy asshole who wound up killing innocent people.

Those of us that don’t go completely insane like the above wind up discovering RP philosophy and using it to make ourselves better men. Personally, I feel one of the primary reasons we need game in the modern world is in order to rectify the just be yourself problem. We focus constantly on what expands our minds and bodies and in the course of our journey we attract women as a consequence of our betterment. We don’t sit around and pray that our one true love or fair maiden (I cringed writing that) comes along; that’s just not realistic. Instead, we place our life mission first and reap the benefits as we go.