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Trigger Warning

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A Marine consoling his fellow Marine for something I can’t even begin to imagine

The above image has more to do with triggering than anything I can possibly explain. If you’re like me it’s hard to look at and it evokes an emotional response; a Marine burying his head in his friend’s shoulder sends chills up your spine when you think of the possibilities surrounding what he could have seen and what made him break down in such a way. THAT is a trigger in the truest sense of the word. It brings tears to my eyes to even think about what could have brought that man to break down completely.

The Watering-Down of “Trigger Warning”

One of the most recent transgressions against the vein of human decency has to come in the form of the bastardization of the phrase “trigger warning”. Originally, this phrase was primarily attributed to the actions or phrases that set off people who were unfortunately afflicted with PTSD (for you older folks: “shell shock”). In modern times, however, feminism has seen fit to retrofit anything and everything to be a “trigger”; the phrase has essentially lost all meaning and the feminists that use it have killed the legitimacy for those who truly suffer from the effects of waking up in a cold sweat regarding seeing absolutely unimaginable shit in live-or-die combat situations. This makes me particularly sick since I come from a military family and the hardships are real. Taking another person’s life in combat can’t be easy and I don’t claim to understand how it feels; I can’t begin to identify with it on any level and frankly I hope I never do. It pisses me off that something associated with a life-or-death situation can be watered-down so much as to apply to anything now (just like how everything is “misogyny” in the feminist echo chamber). I’d wager that I’m literally Hitler (Godwin’s Law is alive and well even here) to them but I’d much rather be called Rommel (at least he was a brilliant military strategist, a good soldier, and “The Desert Fox” is a pretty badass nickname to boot). To each their own, right?

I’m not sympathizing with the Nazis in my above statement to any regard; they were horrible people and inflicted the same if not more pain than some global leaders in the last century. I merely recognize Erwin Rommel for his brilliance on the battlefield like anyone versed in military tactics and warrior history would. Hell, even Eisenhower and MacArthur had a begrudging respect for the guy!

This kind of thing has even found its way into classrooms (no surprises there) and students are actively warned in certain universities that lecture slides may contain triggering material.

Why have we allowed such a legitimate problem to be bastardized by those who see fit to re-define it as anything but a completely serious and sometimes fatal condition?

Trigger warning: I’m an unapologetic dick. You should know that about me from my previous writings but this is a blatant warning to the optimists that read this.

Everything is a Trigger to Everyone Now

Take one look at something like /r/creepypms over on Reddit. Seriously, take a look; I do it at least once a day just for giggles and it will absolutely illustrate my point. Notice how at least one post in the first 25 has the acronym “TW” in it? Yeah, that stands for “trigger warning”. Apparently non-PTSD folks can be “triggered” by reading words on a screen. How low do you have to sink in your life in order to buy into such a victim complex willingly? These are the kinds of people we would label perpetual victims and rightfully so.

*Gasp!* Receiving an unsettling message “triggers” you into thoughts of depression or suicide? Better turn the monitor off and go outside then. Look at that: I just solved all online issues for everyone ever. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

The problem gets even worse over at /r/fatlogic. That subreddit details all of the “body-positivity” and “Healthy at Every Size” (HAES) campaigns and is generally just laughable from any perspective in medical science. I’m a big fan of Reddit since it provides a never-ending source of entertainment and amusement for me; unfortunately, though, it continues to prove the points both of myself and any other red-pill writer who has his shit together.

It Gets Worse

The media feeding into the “rape frenzy” and the utterly absurd diatribe of “rape culture” just makes things worse for us as a society. Everything is “rape” now just as everything contains a “trigger warning”. By using these phrases willy-nilly the idiots (that’s what they are; there’s no getting around it) dilute the true affliction of the actual victims. Hermann Goering said the following when he was interviewed during the Nuremberg Trials (source):

“It’s easy, really.  If you want to control people, all you have to do is make them believe they are under attack from someone or something.  Then you can do whatever you want.”

Women under attack from men? Check. Do whatever you want with no understanding of the consequences? Check. I’ve just described the effects of modern feminism in a nutshell and it sickens me.

The feminists focus on every instance and every micro-aggression and attempt to bend it to their cause in the guise of the “Wow, just WOW” position. They’re perpetual victims and strive to be nothing but that; it ultimately undermines their position but they’re too stupid to realize that fact. Their feelings get in the way every single time and serve as a barrier to any logical discussion based in reality and facts.


Men, do you get “triggered” by seeing words on your screen related to anything that you hold dear? Yeah, I didn’t think so since we’re much more thick-skinned on average and are able to take an insult the same way we’re able to take a compliment: with amused mastery. Men are logical creatures by nature and we have to be in order to survive; we analyze the complete situation with facts and formulate our arguments based on rationality and the way the world truly works. If there was ever any doubt that you can have logical discussion with a frenzied woman this should have completely shattered that pretty but ultimately useless illusion.