On This Day

On this day fifteen years ago a bunch of assholes thought it would be a good idea to attack America. They took several thousand innocent lives with them.

I remember that day as though it were yesterday. I’ll copy-and-paste something I have written several times today:

Where were you? It’s like yesterday to me.

I remember. I was getting ready for school (6th grade) and watching KTLA 5; my mom and I did that every morning. I even remember what I ate that morning; she was in the kitchen making waffles for me.

The tower already had smoke coming from it and it was being described as an accident. The first plane had already hit.

I watched the second plane hit and explode live. My mom asked what happened and I told her. I was young but I knew something was wrong.

When I got to school every teacher was watching TV and every class was either talking about it or was watching the news for updates.

Both that day and what I saw are burned into my brain forever.

I hope you are living each day to the fullest because you never know when your life will end. Make every day count.

Today (and every day) we remember all of those lost.