A Wild SJW Appears

A velociraptor runs giddily across an empty field chasing his detected prey of the day.

A pterodactyl screeches overhead as he observes the scene from the sky.

A stegosaurus wanders around in search of plant life and accessible trees for consumption.

Meanwhile, the SJW emerges from his cave after a long morning of cognitive dissonance and inability to separate facts from feelings. Remnants of the typically-inert yet poisonous-in-large-quantities substance Cheetoria Cheddarismus adorn his unkempt beard as his mind fills with lust for the inaccessible symbols of pleasure that do not include his own fleshy member.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this; I’m somewhat a fan of the Cretaceous Period and I have absolutely zero respect for the run-of-the-mill SJW on Twitter. Allow me to provide some backing evidence before I delve too deeply. Here’s exactly what I said:

Exactly what I wrote and nothing more

Exactly what I wrote and nothing more

Granted, I’m a dick. Here’s the reaction I received to the following with few instances of support and the majority of replies being of the white-knight variety (read bottom-to-top):

Twitter begins its imploding

Twitter begins its imploding

It sure didn’t stop there and there was more to be reaped from the vapid mindset of the general social justice warrior (bottom to top continuing from the image above):

Idiocy from the SJW movement aganist their fair maiden

Idiocy from the SJW movement against their fair maiden

I’m thankful that I have been able to encounter the SJW in its natural caveman environment otherwise I’d think it was just yet another element of the mythology for which I’d study.

Very little support was given and why should it be? My favorite comment is from @fracture7924 encouraging me to keep kicking ass and taking names just like I always have; however, the majority of the responses weren’t nearly that positive. The position of logic and reason has taken a back-seat to feelings and a lack of burden of proof. I maintain that this idiot Quinn is completely deserving of every single thing she receives as a result of this entire “movement”. I hesitate to call some hashtag bullshit activism as “GamerGate” a “movement” since it will inevitably collapse under the own weight as its apathy but it can currently show us the solipsism of the female mind as well as the willingness to accept such a stance as normal from the “male” (used very loosely here) to accept it as normal.

I issue an open challenge to the SJWs: please attempt to rationalize the actions of this idiot Quinn either online or real-life. The evidence shows that she attention-whored (and in some circumstances literally whored) herself out for groups who would hinder and distort the truth. Apparently actions don’t have consequences and the warriors as described are willing to deafen themselves to the true situation as it exists.

Trying to find any rhyme or reason for the Quinnspiracy is like playing a three-shell game: you don’t realize exactly what’s going on unless you’re watching the situation with a cold calculating mindset. You have to remain completely logical otherwise feelings can work their way into a completely fact-based argument; the long and short is that she was a whore and wound up suffering the consequences for her actions. Any kind of “harassment” she may have suffered is entirely her own fault and she should not have done stupid things if she didn’t want the consequences to blow back on her.

She complains that women are harassed frequently online. News flash, sweetheart: everyone is harassed because IT’S THE INTERNET. Your crappy non-game may have not touched on the subject but everyone on the Internet gets harassed by everyone else; if you can’t handle it then there’s a good chance you should get up, log off, and go outside since you’re too weak to accept the fact that the Internet isn’t a kind place and will always find something for which to assault. Obviously you haven’t been on the Internet too long and haven’t seen that the Internet can do these things; turn your computer off, go outside, and focus on something in your life that has nothing to do with that electronic influence. Of course you can’t do that since your entire platform focuses on feeble-minded people (read: SJWs) to push your agenda.

Where can we go from here? Obviously the existence of SJWs is a virus on our community and can’t be treated as anything otherwise. A virus depends on a host in order to survive and a SJW depends on perceived outrage in order to survive from the very people it seeks to victimize; it’s a never-ending cycle with these people.

Once a SJW appears you can be sure that your arguments no longer hold stock and that feels > reals in every situation when that person is involved.


Trust Issues and Blame-Shifting

My Office Culture is Quite Receptive to Self-Improvement

One of the guys in my office is a textbook beta in emotion and mannerisms. I have absolutely nothing against the guy and I really do like him; he’s a fantastic graphic designer and a decent programmer but I need to give you an idea of what I’m dealing with here. I do like to see myself as the male mentor of the office since I’m asked for advice on practically everything that comes up and not just about women. A few days ago he asked three of us (myself, another engineer, and one of our UX/UI guys) for some advice about something that reared its ugly head in his relationship; the four of us were all sitting together in one part of the office shooting the shit and he brought it up.

The two of them recently moved-in together but they have been in a LTR for about seven years. From what he told us, she and he got into a fight and he actually told her to leave the apartment (per similar advice I gave him a couple of weeks ago regarding a different fight over messaging some other guy on Facebook with the vein of “if it happens again”). She started texting some guy (turned out to be her manager at work and they had been getting a little too close at certain times) and he was apparently being very supportive of her situation. It’s still kind of iffy at this point but women need validation especially in a crisis situation so it’s understandable.

Advice in a Work Environment is Important

All of us see each other every day so there is always time to talk about our experiences.

What made the three of us shoot each other glances of WTF was his next revelation that she had changed this guy’s name to someone that he was actually friends with. I don’t know how he found out the phone number didn’t match the name but I sure as hell wasn’t going to ask when he was already in a bad place. Red flags went up over all three of our heads instantly.

(Bolding added where I emphasized my speech patterns during the conversation)

I said to him “Wait, wait, wait… you can’t possibly not see the problem here”. My other compatriots gave wide-eyed exaggerated nods.

He looked at me blankly.

I continued, “She obviously doesn’t want you to know she’s talking to this guy. Talking to him is one thing. Changing his name to that of one of your friends is something entirely different. She’s actively deceiving you straight-up.”

I have rarely seen such a facial expression on a man of understanding combined with a realization that he was being treated as a doormat. I had already formulated my opinion of the situation at this point and I knew it would probably hurt him but he needed to hear it so he could spare himself going through it personally.

I asked “Do you want my honest opinion of what I think is going on?” He nodded.

I said “I think she’s seeing someone else. If she isn’t fucking this guy she will be soon. She’s proven that she isn’t worthy of your trust more than once and not deserving of any more of your time or commitment. SHE DOESN’T RESPECT YOU. Why are you still holding on to her?”

The Transformation Begins

The completely crestfallen look I then saw completely beat the previous look of realization on the pathetic scale; I actually wanted to hug him until he replied with this gem:

“I just feel like I have trust issues with thinking that way about her.”

You know that twinge you get in the back of your head when you just can’t hold back? Yeah, I almost half-yelled, half-laughed about it while saying “You don’t have trust issues, the bitch has honesty issues!” More nods from the others and he actually started laughing once he realized I was trying to look out for him and not berate him. Once I said that he understood completely and the conversation became easier.

I then asked him “Are you doing anything outside of your apartment with her?” He said he’s attending a Latin dance class (this cat can MOVE) and I got that devilish smile on my face. I’m sure you know the next words out of my mouth: “Approach, approach, approach!” I then told him “Dude, you’re younger than I am; get out there, meet new people, and focus on enjoying your life instead of on some bitch who’s constantly sapping your energy; I made that mistake long ago so I’m advising you from personal experience”. It’s really true; I’m considerably happier when comparing my red-pill life to my old blue-pill life.

He told me he’d take my advice and go from there. Today he told me that he’d been out approaching and had pulled a few numbers while setting up dates. I’m immensely proud and I haven’t really seen a transformation happen so quickly in the past. I’m now also his go-to guy for advice about women and life in general so I have officially become another man’s male mentor.

The Reality of the Situation

I’ve noticed over time that the phrase “trust issues” is almost exclusively uttered by women. Why is this?

Women accuse men of having “trust issues” when a man comes to the realization that there are most likely ulterior motives behind her actions. She shifts the blame to the man because she knows what she is doing is wrong but can’t yet admit it to herself; instead she rationalizes her behavior (or “hamsters” in our parlance) until she can justify being absolved of any guilt and wrongdoing.

I’m reminded of a particular post over on /r/askTRP (I answer questions every so often over there but my username isn’t HawkWrites since I signed up for Reddit long before I ever started writing) that embodied this perfectly. It went along the lines of the following:

“I’m in a relationship with this girl and she has been sexting other guys. What do I do?”

She had also apparently been trying to hide her actions from this poor bastard. The answer is obvious to those of us that have adopted the red-pill mindset: “Drop her, engage abundance mentality, meet people, spin some plates, and take your life by the balls”. The resistance to that answer was to be expected and the gist of it was pretty much verbatim in the vein I had described above:

“I love her and I feel weird about looking into it”

Well, she obviously doesn’t love you. Why put so much of your energy into someone who can’t be bothered to show you even basic decency? As I’ve said above: “You don’t have trust issues, the bitch has honesty issues”. Men don’t have trust issues; we can’t be bothered with things of such a trivial nature. If our trust is broken we aren’t going to hem and haw over the circumstances and how we could have prevented the situation; we’re going to give a grand ol’ “fuck you” and move on. Once our trust is broken there’s absolutely no hope of getting it back since we would just be kidding ourselves and setting ourselves up for our woman’s relapse if we pursued the alternative.


A woman who busies herself by accusing you of having “trust issues” is really just projecting her own insecurities and poor choices onto you. When translated, it reads more along the lines of “I know what I’m doing is wrong and I’m going to do my damnedest to hide it from you no matter what it takes”. You don’t have trust issues; she has honesty issues.

Fat Acceptance

Edit: I’ve been sick for almost an entire month and since I’m now cured I would like to announce my return to blogging and calling people out on their bullshit.

Why the hell would we accept such a brazen attempt to deform the bodies of the masses and provide a reason for which to be “normalized” in the media?

I’ll tell you why: the abnormal once again seek a shelter from their own self-hatred and their own rationalization. What could possibly be beneficial from this class of people to warrant the kind of discussion that we offer here? Surely there isn’t some widely-accepted mantra that makes everything all-right. Instead, we look to the general circumstances that make the body-positivity movement quake under its (unsuspecting) weight and have its arguments collapse under everything resembling logic and fair thought.

Why are we accepting of this movement?

It seems that the primary reason we give this “movement” (if we can give it any rational credence) is due to the rationalization of its members. Fat must be healthy. Immobility must be healthy and any kind of lack of physical ability must be physically geared toward a serious health plan). Are you fucking kidding me? You’re fat because you choose to be; it’s nothing more and nothing less. I know that weight-loss is hard; nothing makes light of the kind of effort that is required. However, upon exerting the kind of effort that is discussed you will find that your general body type will change and your BMI will decrease. Go ahead and cite all of your resources from DWF and all the bullshit HAES activists; the fact of the matter is that an elevated weight is the key to shortened lifespan and an overall reduced quality of life. In the same vein as those previously-iterated retards, I have no need to specify my resources. Isn’t academic superiority a wonderful thing?

I drink. I’m also an asshole. However, I work out and stem the effects of both my drinking and my assholism; how many of you can say the same thing? I’m completely open with the things that I take in and the things that I burn. Can you say the same thing for the shitlords over at ThisIsThinPrivilege. Honestly, I think that we think folks should be proud of any gains that we have made in order to show the world that weight loss just isn’t for those fat fucks that can’t be bothered to get off the couch and stop eating pizza. I’ve lost fourteen pounds between January and April; go ahead and say that I won’t keep it off, you fat HAES fucks. As far as I’m concerned you’re just looking for a way to make yourselves feel better about your obesity and early heart disease. Come at me, bro.

Ragen, if you read this, you’re more than welcome to challenge any of the facts I’ve cited here. Also, make sure you don’t cite the “WOW, JUST WOW” feminist argument and actually decide to talk about true data and statistical arguments. We work off nothing but data here; if you can’t provide data we will happily make fun of you. It’s all part of the glory that is Hawk Writes.

If you CAN however provide data, you’re more than welcome to discuss it here. However, please be aware that you may appear on other blogs to defend your position since this is not a site that focuses on bullshit and “MUH FEELS”. We focus entirely on data and science; consider that before you say anything without empirical evidence to back it up.

I Had Sex with a Fat Chick

PREFACE: I am absolutely NOT proud of this. This took place a few months ago.

Let me preface this by saying I jumped on the grenade for all future generations of men. I know Roosh and the like say not to have sex with fat chicks; I’ve actually had experience in doing so and I figure I can offer a much different perspective other than the purely theoretical. I’m not proud of it but I offer this information in the hopes that my fellow men won’t make the same mistake that I did in a moment of desperation.

She was an absolute sweetheart and we connected on everything but the physical level (I should mention that this was an OKC hook-up). As you all know, though, the physical level is enough for me and if I don’t connect with a potential girl there it’s all shot to hell and there’s no chance of anything else developing. Stupidly I was willing to pursue this avenue so this should serve as a warning to anyone willing to do the same.

Fat-chick game really isn’t too different from the regular type of game. Really, all you have to do is be experienced in eating pussy and pleasuring your woman. It still hurts to think this landwhale was anything but since I fucked her more than once. You chubby-chasers may benefit from my information but the regular guys would probably find absolutely nothing of value here. However, this field report is provided courtesy of my better judgment and with the context that I can prevent my fellow men from falling into this trap.

1. It hurts like crazy

Sex with a fat chick hurts more than you could possibly imagine. This woman had probably 50-100 lbs on me and my dick suffered as a result. I struggled to keep it up during the entire session and frequently had to lie regarding “No baby, I’m just really good at keeping it together”. How the hell could you possibly be turned-on with the kind of image upon which I had to present myself? Were it not for science I’d keep it completely secret.

The pressure exerted upon your crotch is incredible. Every single thrust is a reminder that this kind of sex is absolutely a bad idea.

I’m a big dude at about 6’5″ and 240 lbs of mostly muscle and this STILL hurt. It’s not really advisable unless you have time to kill and are willing to stick your dick in practically anything.

2. You go soft more times than you can count

Just looking at the land-whale is more than enough to make you go soft and question your decisions in life. One look and you realize you’ve made a ghastly mistake but you push on because you’re a trooper and already have the penile-vagina connection. This was easily the worst sex I’ve ever had; she made absolutely no effort to stimulate me and was content to bob up and down on my dick like she was churning butter. There was no interest in pleasing me and it was one of the few times I’d actually been happier it was over than it had happened.

You think Roosh hates condoms? The goddamn condom was the only thing keeping me from the full-on admission that I couldn’t keep it up for this chick. If I had been raw-dogging her I’d have had a better chance since her kisses were incredible but her body was shit. I have a very active imagination and could have imagined anything other than her for the time being.

3. The aftermath is frightening

I actually had to clean my sheets because of the shit-stains I saw. I knew they weren’t mine (my butthole is fairly clean on a regular basis) since I tracked her movements and the majority of them wound up in places that had shit-stains. I couldn’t say a damn thing to her so I bit the bullet and just cleaned everything after our rendezvous. I’ve never seen more spotting on my sheets in a lifetime but at the same time I can’t say I was surprised.

4. Conclusion

Learn from example. I’m ashamed I actually pursued such a whale (but then, hey… sex) though there are much more standards-worthy women available. The game used for fat chicks isn’t any different from the same game used for attractive women for the most part. Use my example as the rule; don’t do this shit unless you’re absolutely desperate and even then don’t do it. I’ll smack you in spirit.

Essentially, please don’t make the same mistake I did of fucking a fat chick when I was desperate; it will bite you in the ass more often than not.

On Friendship and the Dichotomy Within

The guys over at Return of Kings, Chateau Heartiste, and The Rational Male have covered this concept and its underlying causes fairly well. Regardless, this post will detail my take on the subject and specifically the differences between male and female friendship.

Male Friendship

Male friends tend to value each other as people and stand with each other when the shit hits the fan. Take your average motorcycle club (MC) for example. Sure, the guys there may reek of beer and piss (especially if everybody else urinated on his vest after the guy finished his prospect period to become a full-fledged member and he has refused to clean it) but there’s something there that is indicative of how males care for each other in a pack: a deeply-rooted altruism and a watchdog mentality. Don’t give me any of that bullshit about the one-percenters either; I grew up around a lot of the 1% MCs and the majority of their members are great guys who just love to ride. There are bad apples in any group regardless of the context but unfortunately they’re the ones that get the most publicity.

Getting back to my point: I’m not talking about the kind of dick who uses the word friend freely where it would usually mean acquaintance; I’m talking actual and therefore close friends. I’d go as far as to say these men see each other as brothers close to the relationship that blood-line and familial brothers have. Once bonded, they watch each other’s back with a fierceness that is unrivaled anywhere else.

Essentially, men who are friends watch out for each other and attempt to keep things in perspective. I know I can trust any of my true friends to tell me when I’ve fucked up or when I’m going down a nasty path despite how shitty it may make me feel. I expect it because I trust them; I’m willing to listen even when I’m being an idiot. I’d do the same for them any day and that fosters something akin to the aforementioned closeness.

Female Friendship

This is where things get a bit hairy (or a lot hairy depending on the person). An interesting issue arises here in that females are all for helping each other on the surface yet will strike down and attack each other at the slightest provocation if they feel it would be beneficial.

Two-Face from Batman

No, not that Two-Face. However, the interaction is absolutely two-faced. Yes, I know that was a bad analogy and a ba-dum-tiss; you can direct all subpoenas and hate mail regarding my blatant attempts at comedy to jessica@jezebel.com. I’m sure she’d love to be privy to the wrath of the evil patriarchy’s hatred of one of its own. It’s all in the name of equality, right?

What female wouldn’t stab her so-called friends in the back for a shot at the oft-desired swole alpha male? Regardless of what anyone else may say, females are out for themselves just as much as men are but they aren’t willing to be up-front about it and would instead prefer to hide it behind their “OMG!” and “Better check my phone every five fucking minutes for new texts from orbiters otherwise my self-worth disintegrates without a constant stream of validation” culture (AWALT). That’s one of the biggest things that separates the two genders (yes, there are ONLY TWO).

The biggest danger to female friendship is that any one of them will stray from the pack if the opportunity to “trade up” or differentiate herself from the group presents itself. Women flake, not just on men but on each other.

Can Men and Women be Friends?

If the male side of the equation wants to bed the female side, there’s absolutely no way. That previous sentence disqualifies probably about 95 percent of male-female friendship dynamics. Otherwise, rock on, especially if you see that woman as a sister; nobody barring the sick fucks would try to bed their blood-relative sister (step-sister is fair game, though).

Girl in your Bed? Don’t be a White Knight to Yourself.

This story takes place long ago in college… a college where I was so ingrained in a blue pill lifestyle that I started to get a skin tone like Violet Beauregarde post three-course-meal gum in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Anyway, I was one of four folks who were hanging out in J’s and my apartment one night. J and his girlfriend M (they were in a LTR) were with T (18yo female with a rockin’ body) and me (20yo at the time). We were relaxing in J’s room and just shooting the shit. J, M, and T are all sitting on the bed and I’m sitting on the floor up against the bed; there was something happening with my back earlier that day and the 90-degree angle I was able to sit in was actually helping.

J and M started getting really cuddly while T slid toward me from the bed and threw her leg from the knee down onto me so her calf and foot were lightly resting against my chest. I figured “what the hell” and started caressing her leg and kissed her calf; she got right off the bed and came down to sit on the floor next to me.

She lies her head against my shoulder and I put my arm around her with my head against hers. We start talking. Looking back now I know she was obviously attracted to me with the way she looked at me and the flirty conversation. She bit her lip and everything; I know I was a dumbass but I actually wound up doing something much more stupid a few minutes after. Go big or go home, right?

It’s already late at night by this point and she asks if there’s an available bed. About the only thing I did right from that point forward was saying “Hell yeah. Mine.” We sit there for a few minutes longer and then she gets up, takes my hand in hers with interlocked fingers, and leads me to my room. She gets in my bed and smiles at me and says “Come here” in that seductive voice that gives us men the crotch tickles.

Given the way this story has gone so far my next actions will most likely be unsurprising. It went like this:

> Me: “I don’t think so”

> T: “Why not?”

> Me: “I’m going to sit here and watch the door as you sleep, m’lady” (yes, I actually said m’lady to her)

> T (disappointed): “Okay…”

A few hours go by. It’s now roughly 4 AM and she stirs awake. The Symphony of Dumbass continues:

> T (groggily): “Come cuddle meeeee….”

> Me: “Still watching the door, my dear”

> T (disappointed yet again): “Damn it…”

She falls back asleep. When she wakes up in the morning, the full scope of my dumbassery hits me like a freight train hauling a ton of bricks. She says goodbye to me with an expression not unlike a glare mixed with derision. I tried to get in contact with her over the course of the next few days since I actually did like her but couldn’t believe she wanted me to bed her but it was to no avail. I had effectively cockblocked myself by being my own goddamn white knight.

Years later I swallowed the red pill and have arguably had a much better life. I take absolutely zero shit at work, lead by example, speak directly to my team and in the conference room, and don’t let anyone rule my life other than me. I still look back on this experience and cringe; let this be yet another lesson for all of ya especially the guys who are new to the lifestyle.

TL;DR Had a girl invite herself into my bed. Didn’t pounce on the chance like a cheetah on the Serengeti and actively screwed myself out of it instead.